20 thoughts on “Name Your Price! Which of Jim Price’s catch phrases does he use the most in a Tigers broadcast?

  1. J says:

    I think “Nice Area” only get used once a game during the Belle Tire contest, but it’s my favorite. Especially when he says something “Price”less like “Downtown Flint – nice area”.


  2. Bryan says:

    How about when introducing the starting lineups he goes “Batting thhhhiirrd” It is probably the worst signature saying anyone cane come up with.


  3. rings says:

    You forgot “hit a bullet.”
    I’d like to agree with Pavka above, though, with “I’m retired.”
    Jim Price is awful…a blatant name dropper and homer with severely limited vocabulary. At least he’s been removed from play by play, which was too often just dead air.
    Wouldn’t Todd Jones make a nice color man?


  4. Bob says:

    You need a lot more than 4 catch phrases on your list. Almost everything he says is a catch phrase. I can barely listen to the broadcast–a real shame, since Dan Dickerson is excellent.


  5. Dan M says:

    The Tigers could save money by replacing Price with a trained parrot that would say all of his catch phrases. Squawk, squawk, catchers are smart. Squawk, squawk, tools of intelligence. Squawk, squawk, wow.


  6. Nick says:

    He’s so brutal and obnoxious. Does he have a bunch of peanut butter on the roof of his mouth too?? Get rid of him! Dickerson is great and doesn’t deserve that


  7. “Wow”. I had to turn off the radio last night. Price stumbled and mumbled all over Dan. Rod Allen is a far superior color analyst. There are a lot of color men waiting in the wings. Price is in way over his head. Tigers….please replace him. There must be some other job he can be plugged into that doesn’t involve tv or radio.


  8. Dexter Johnson says:

    Arsenal…he says it at least 100 times per nine innings, and he gets right into it immediately as he tells us what pitches this guy has IN HIS ARSENAL


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