Fungo Flash Poll: Are the Tigers really the third-best team in the A.L. Central?

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5 thoughts on “Fungo Flash Poll: Are the Tigers really the third-best team in the A.L. Central?

  1. No. The Twins are the third best team. You can’t skate by with four average starters without it catching up to you eventually. This will be that year for the Twins.

    To me the White Sox look like the best team out of the gate, but it’s all going to hinge on how good Coke and Penny are. If they fall through Turner and Oliver will be taxed to keep this team in the running.


  2. The Detroit Tigers have the potential to be the first place team in the AL Central considering their all star line up, offensive threat and depth in pitching. Depending factors are an injury free bull pen and a solid year by VMart. Continued growth and contribution by Austin Jackson and his fellow younger generation Tiger standouts is a must.


  3. It’s hard to say which team is third in the AL Central. The old “too close to call” fits.

    The only way I’ll be surprised at the end of the season, is if either KC or Cleveland is in the top three.


  4. Really? Yes the Detroit Tigers have done well in the beginning of the season….they always do. Could this be a better year? We certainly hope so. I feel like ESPN has their favorites and they project teams without really looking at some intangibles. They know that Detroit might follow in the same footsteps of declining their play after the All-star game. But hear this…maybe I’m wrong? The Tigers can see it the prize ahead of them and I doubt they are going to let this one slip away. I see them in second, but I am praying the underdog will come through and retain its kingship of the AL central.


  5. BLAH BLAH, what do you expect out of the network that only has time for the teams from the big markets. They don’t have time to take their heads out of the butts of Yanks-Soux to really do an indepth look at the Central because every year they are in love with the White Sox and seemingly every year, the White Sox underachieve.


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