2 thoughts on “Fungo Flash Poll: How should the Tigers approach their current swoon?

  1. Is it just me? Second base is a black hole. Sure wish wee still had Polanco.

    Rymes hasn’t hit (this year), Sizemore didn’t hit (last year), Guillen is hurt (again) and that leaves Raburn or Worth.

    That sure seems like a black hole.

    Is it sophomore slump for Jackson? Ordonez is a puzzle.

    Leyland must be scratching that grey head of hit and chain smoking those Camels trying to find a solution.


  2. My write-in vote: “petition for Leyland to be fired.” Oh wait, does that count as “overhaul”? Seriously, there are many things that Leyland could have at least tried even with the cards dealt to him. For example, he could have experimented with the following starting lineup long ago:

    1. Wells CF (since Jackson is struggling)
    2. Santiago 2B (might as well, since Rhymes wasn’t hitting much; Sizemore can take this spot now that he has been called up)
    3. Boesch DH (3rd highest OPS, replaces Ordonez)
    4. Cabrera 1B
    5. Avila C (2nd highest OPS)
    6. Raburn LF (4th highest OPS)
    7. Peralta SS
    8. Kelly RF
    9. Inge 3B

    [Variation: Wells at RF batting 1st, Kelly at 3B batting 8th, Jackson at CF batting 9th]


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