6 thoughts on “Fungo Flash Poll: Who is Your Favorite Tigers TV Analyst?

  1. derek says:

    Rod allen is awful, absolutely awful. The guy can’t shut up for more than 30 seconds, filling up every ounce of airtime with meaningless facts and statistics . For a guy who batted 150 times in MLB, he sure knows everything about everything. the only thing he’s good at is sounding like an idiot. I keep hoping the Tigers replace him. Will keep on hoping.


  2. Bruce Praul says:

    I have to say George Kell and Al Kaline were the best. As a kid in the 70″s I remember watching TIGER baseball and enjoying thier coverage of the game. What great memories


  3. Josh says:

    I have to agree that Rod Allen is awful, it is tough to listen to him for full series, as he will say the same thing about a Tigers opponent each day. Not to mention hearing the same thing all year against a division rival…that does not even include that every year around this time he thinks EVERY tigers starter is an All-Star that year.


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