Saturday Snacks: Guillen’s Rehab, Verlander’s Toughness and Kiss My Grits

A busy week at the office often translates into a slow week of posting on the Fungo. Thanks to Nick for picking up the slack.

Here are some random tidbits I’ve collected the past few days:

  • So Carlos Guillen is now a Mud Hen and will see more time at second base. If you’re Will Rhymes how are you feeling. He was selected to the International League’s mid-season all-star squad. I wonder why the Tigers don’t give him more of a chance given the woes at second

  • From Buster Olney on Friday:

    How Verlander beat the Mets:

    A. He was tough in tough spots. Verlander wasn’t as dominant as he’s been the rest of the month, but the Mets couldn’t muster much in the clutch. The Mets were 2-10 with four strikeouts with men on base, including 0-5 with runners in scoring position.

    B. He loved being outside. Of the 120 pitches Verlander threw, 73 were on the outside part of the plate or wider. That is the most outside pitches Verlander has thrown all season and his most since throwing 76 on June 16, 2010.

    Per ELIAS, Justin Verlander became only the fifth pitcher to go 6-0 or better with an ERA below 1.00 in a calendar month since 1984. His stellar 0.92 ERA is only fourth on this list. Randy Johnson, Hideo Nomo and Rick Reuschel had better ERAs than Verlander in their undefeated month.

  • As maddening as the Tigers’ offense can be at times, it’s astounding to see where they rank heading into play tonight: third in batting average (.268), fourth in slugging (.421), fifth in on-base percentage (.335) and sixth in runs (381). And, even thought they’ve played three more games, the Tigers have scored 33 more runs than the Indians.

  • Speaking of Buster, this morning he ranked “the-non-all-star All-Stars”, among the Victor Martinez:

    He spent some time on the disabled list early in the year, and immediately began killing the ball when he returned, and this year, he’s hitting .430 with runners on base, .332 overall.

  • Given the aforementioned second-base woes, it sure would’ve been nice if the Tigers could’ve made a move for Mark Ellis or somehow included him in the Scott Sizemore trade. What’s that you say? Carlos Guillen is owed $13 million this season? Never mind.

Finally, 64th Happy Birthday to Larry David and Happy 74th to Polly Holliday, who often told Mel to kiss her grits on “Alice.”

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