SI’s Jon Heyman Ranks Tigers #8 in Likely Playoff Teams

behind the Diamondbacks. (!?!?)

8. Tigers. The Tigers have arguably the best pitcher (Justin Verlander) and best hitter (Miguel Cabrera) in this derby. But the question is whether their other players are good enough. The offense seems fairly well supported by Victor Martinez, Alex Avila and others (their 614 runs are eighth best). But Verlander will have a lot of pressure on him. Their starting pitching is better than the 4.17 overall ERA (22nd best), as that number is affected by a coterie of previously untested No. 5 starters employed before GM Dave Dombrowski astutely added a decent No. 5 starter in Doug Fister (No. 5s don’t generally pitch in the playoffs, anyway). The issue, though, is what kind of performance they’ll get by anyone other than Verlander. Closer Jose Valverde is 39 for 39 in saves, but the rest of the bullpen hasn’t been quite as efficient (the 4.11 ERA is 25th best).


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5 thoughts on “SI’s Jon Heyman Ranks Tigers #8 in Likely Playoff Teams”

  1. Mike McClary is an IDIOT and know nothing about the Tigers (which probably means he shouldn’t be writing about them) if he thinks Fister is the “5th Starter” and “probably not playing in the playoffs”.


    1. Thanks for your comment. If you look at the headline of the post, you’ll see that it wasn’t I who said Fister’s a number-five, it was Sports Illustrated’s Jon Heyman. If anyone’s an idiot, I think it’s him. I linked to his original article in the post.

      Have a great weekend — and go Tigers.


  2. I think it’s useful to look at the splits… Detroit has a winning record against just about all of the AL teams they’ve faced this year, except Boston, the Angels, the Mariners, and are .500 so far vs. the Indians, Baltimore, and the A’s. Only Boston has really been tough on them, 1-5. If they can win the season series against the Indians, there will be no dispute that they are the best team in the Central. Beating down Texas, the Yankees, and the Rays is impressive, and they’ve earned a “top 3 or 4” in the AL rankings.


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