Lost in Last Night’s Drubbing, Scherzer Dazzled

Buster Olney wrote a nice piece this morning on Miguel Cabrera and his ascendence from skinny kid in Venezuela to perennial MVP candidate.

He also highlighted Max Scherzer’s terrific performance last night:

Max Scherzer threw seven shutout innings, the 18th time in his 29 starts he’s allowed two earned runs or less. Also from ESPN Stats and Info, how he won:

A) Scherzer’s fastball averaged 94.5 MPH Sunday, his highest average velocity on his fastball since June 20, 2010.

B) Perhaps because of the Tigers’ large lead, Scherzer’s threw a first-pitch strike to 20 of 26 hitters (76.9 percent), his third-highest percentage of the season. With an 8-0 lead after the fourth inning, Scherzer threw first-pitch strikes to 11 of the 13 hitters he faced in the fifth inning and later.

C) Given the large lead, Scherzer came after the White Sox hitters in the strike zone. In the first three innings, 43.5 percent of Scherzer’s pitches were in the strike zone according to the PitchF/X; in his final four innings, 62.7 percent of his pitches were in the strike zone.

D) Scherzer threw 17 sliders with two strikes, five more than in any of his starts in the last three seasons. He got five outs with his slider with two strikes, matching his most in the last three seasons.

Here’s hoping Scherzer can keep it up for another six weeks or so.

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