7 thoughts on “I’m Not Sayin’ … I’m Just Sayin’”

  1. Haven’t played Boston since the double-header on May 29th. Regardless of the quality of competition in the late part of the season, I don’t think one could say either team is the same team they were at that point in the season. I don’t think our 5-1 against Boston nor our 4-3 against NYY tells us much of anything come October. At this point, it’s not even wholly impossible that the Tigers catch the Yankees for #1 in the AL. Just gotta let the games be played.


  2. While you may think that Detroit having a winning season record vs the Yankees and the Red Sox doesnt tell us much come October, it does tell us one thing.
    Detroit won those games before they were the team they are now. Thats right, the Tigers are a much improved team over the one that beat both the Yanks and the Sox earlier this year. Im liking their chances against either team.


  3. I work for the Braves, and grew up loving the Tigers, so you know my hope.

    That being said, how about a Tigers-Diamondbacks series? The Arizona connection to the 84 Tigers would make for some great story telling.


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