Remember in 2009 when Ozzie Guillen held back Jake Peavy so the righthander could face the Tigers in the final weekend? I was livid … because Guillen was making the Tigers’ road to a division title that much harder. But, as much as it pains me to admit this, I respected him for putting his best lineup out there even if the games didn’t matter for the White Sox.

Different story today.

With word out of Anaheim that Mike Scioscia has pulled Jered Weaver and Ervin Santana from their starts against the Rangers tonight, I’m furious at the Angels manager, someone I’ve always respected and whose teams I enjoy watching. Yes, his team’s been eliminated but by pitching rookies Tyler Chatwood tonight and Garrett Richards tomorrow Scioscia’s looking ahead to next year — while the Tigers and Rangers have their eyes on Friday.

We’re led to believe that the Angels pulled Weaver and Santana because they both have blown past their career highs for innings pitched. Maybe. But something’s fishy.

Of course, I’ll still pull for the Angels tonight and tomorrow, and as I’m watching I’ll daydream about what Jim Leyland might say to Scioscia the next time Bud Selig’s little “competition committee” gets together.