Fungo Flash Poll: What should be the Tigers’ priority this offseason?

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19 thoughts on “Fungo Flash Poll: What should be the Tigers’ priority this offseason?

  1. I wish we’d (the Tigers, obviously) would go after Jose Reyes. This way we could move Peralta over to 3B. After all, we desperately need some speed at the top of our lineup!! & A. Jackson strikes out waaay too much for someone who only hits 10 HR’s a year & will prally never hit more than 15!?!?


  2. Speedy lead-off hitter. Simply not enough base runners for Cabrera who with his average with RISP should have lead the league in RBIs. Plus batting Jackson 9th in combination with a fleet footed lead-off hitter would make best use of Jackson’s speed and create a dynamic element to the Tigers game. Right now, running in the same inning Cabrera is to bat usually doesn’t make much sense.


  3. I like adding Reyes from the Mets at SS, moving Peralta to second, and picking up Aramis Ramirez from the Cubs for third. I would move Jackson to ninth hitter to take pressure off him and allow him to develop as a hitter. I would also like to acquire Madison Bumgarner from SanFrancisco to add a lefty to our starting rotation. Our bullpen is good as is. We just need more hitting and with Reyes and Ramirez we’ll be in the World Series next season. Here is the World Series lineup:

    Reyes at SS
    Boesch at RF
    Ramirez at 3B
    Cabrera at 1B
    Martinez at DH
    Young at LF
    Avila at C
    Peralta at 2B
    Jackson at CF

    Starting rotation:

    Verlander, Fister, Bumgarner, Scherzer, Porcello

    Back-up catcher and third baseman – Inge.

    Bullpen: Same as 2011.

    This is it!

    Can we get these guys?


  4. @Mike Lanoue: and as long as we’re dreaming, why not add Pujols and Fielder? I wouldn’t mind Roy Halladay and Clayton Kershaw while we’re at it.


  5. I totally agree that they should get Jose Reyes,but I dont think Sanfrancisco will be willing to give up Bumgarner.I can see maybe a John Danks from Chicago or a James Shields from Tampa or a legit push for C.C if he opts out.Definitely need a back-up catcher maybe a Jose Molina or a Jeff Mathis.The bullpen definitely needs some help.Craig Breslow would be a great pickup along with John Grabow.And last but not least the infield needs some work.If the Tigers can aquire Jose Reyes they would just need to slide Peralta over to second drop Inge completely and get a high caliber third baseman,maybe a Aramis Ramirez Chase Headley Juan Uribe or Ryan Zimmerman


  6. Inge is a great clubhouse guy, a team player and completely self-sacrificing. In other words, he has tremendous value beyond his numbers. He deserves to stay, if he wants to. We should let Delmon Young walk. He’s a streaky, swing-at-the-first-pitch type of player that hurts a team long term (eg. Alfonso Soriano). With Boesch coming back, I think our current needs are a speedy leadoff man and middle relief. I’d throw everything we can at Jose Reyes; and incidentally, note that Roy Oswalt and Brad Lidge just hit free agency!


  7. Grabbing Reyes sounds great, but is unlikely an honestly not a tremendous fit. Peralta was considerably less effective at 3rd base, so picking up a SS doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. Our biggest need is 2nd base. Inge needs to play as a platoon, rather than everyday, but he and Betemit (who it wouldn’t hurt to resign for cheap) made a decent pair. Perhaps it is time to see what Castellanos has as a player.

    Ideally we would find both a second baseman and another starting pitcher. I would love to steal Roy Oswalt for a few years, and then try making a play for Brandon Phillips (good enough not to buy out, expensive enough to trade).


  8. I agree why does everyone want to move Peralta to 3rd. I say his stats are better used at 2nd and we need a 2nd baseman more than a 3rd baseman. Ramirez is too much. Let’s just get Reyes and go from there.


  9. This discussion is great because we see Tiger fans looking at 2012 with excitement and anticipation…We were just two wins away from the World Series this year and we went deep into the post season…Why not Reyes? Why not Ramirez? If these guys are too expensive, how about Emilio Bonifacio from the Marlins or our long-time nemesis Mark Buehrle from the White Sox? In our division, we have to have a solid lefty in the starting rotation…What about Barry Zito? How about Ichiro with a guaranteed 180+ hits and 40+ stolen bases at lead-off for the Tigers? With Mike Ilitch at the top of the Tiger organization, we have to think big…There is no bigger thinker in Detroit than Mike Ilitch…Go Tigers…Think BIG!!!!!


  10. This team is a very good team as it stands. It made it in to playoffs which is better than Boston and beat New York who were the odds on favorite to win the WS. 95% of next years team is on the roster as we speak. Next year could look like this on opening day.

    Ramon Santiago-2B
    Brennan Boesch-RF
    Delmon Young-LF
    Miguel Cabrera-1B
    Victor Martinez-DH
    Jhonny Peralta-SS
    Alex Avila-C
    Austin Jackson-CF
    Don Kelly-3B

    Justin Verlander
    Mark Buehrle
    Doug Fister
    Max Scherzer
    Rick Porcello

    Jose Valverde
    Joaquin Benoit
    Phil Coke
    Joel Zumaya
    Al Alburquerque
    Ryan Perry
    Daniel Schlereth

    Ryan Raburn 2B-RF
    Brandon Inge 3B-C
    Andy Dirks OF
    Will Rhymes/Danny Worth IF

    Ramon is a good ball player who will strike out less than Jackson. Has “sneaky power” and can run.
    Peralta should win a gold glove this year and hit .299 this year.
    Jackson has 4 of the 5 tools now let him hit lower in the line up where less stress is on him plus he may be on when young hits a bomb.
    Kelly at third is a grab big. he can hit, run and plays some good D.
    Joel, bring him back on a low risk contract and watch the K’s and the heaters come.
    Mark, has pitched against the tigers long enough let him pitch for us for a change. Chicago is looking to get rid of him and we could use a good lefty starter. the last time we had a good lefty starter we were in the WS.

    OK lets give Avila and a corner OF a day off and get Cabby out of the field this could a line up

    Ramon Santiago-2B
    Boesch/Young OF
    Miguel Cabrera-DH
    Victor Martinez-C
    Jhonny Peralta-SS
    Austin Jackson-CF
    Andy Dirks-OF


  11. we have a solid tigers team, but here is the immediate concerns:

    starting pitcher:
    this should be our top priority. we need a number five guy who is solid. turner wont be ready by next year, so here is some thoughts.
    ryan dempster
    bruce chen
    mark buerhle
    or cj wilson

    these guys will sign for cheap and give turner some time

    veteran relief:
    need that guy for the 7th inning
    matt caps
    ryan franklin
    id love to see heath bell maybe but this is unrealistic

    second baseman:
    ever since 2006, our second basemen have been terrible, keep ramon sign
    mark ellis
    brandon phillips
    (problem with phillips is his defense)

    third baseman:
    aramis is getting old, nats will do anything to keep zimmerman
    i honestly would try and trade for david wright, solid player and would have a field day in the al

    back up catcher:
    pick anyone really, i like jeff mathis out there, varitec is there and maybe steal back laird?

    new shortstop maybe:
    if its not reyes, rollins, or Betancourt im not interested.


  12. Brandon Phillips clearly be the top priority as he fills the biggest needs(second base and lead off hitter). The bullpen had its ups and downs mostly due to inexperience and injury. I will start by saying I dont like inge(as a hitter) but his defense and clubhouse presence are still top notch. A solid left handed pitcher is a close 2nd need wise and Buerhle would fit this if they can pry him from the White Sox which should be considerably easier now that they foolishly let Guillen(best manager in the Al Central) go not to down talk Leyland as he is still a top notch manager. Another option with a big if would be to trade a young but potentially good pitcher in porcello for another young but good pitcher in Bumgarner(if San francisco would go for it). Which is possible with the solid coaching staff in San Fran(especially pitching wise). If and this is a big if the Tigers went for Reyes the idea of making Inge(college shortstop) an option for second base wouldnt be that bad. he would provide solid defense and less pressure from an offensive standpoint. Best option sign Phillips try to trade Porcello for Bumgarner(but watch when porcello develops into a top notch front line starter) all he needs is another pitch to compliment his sinker(one of the best) and fastball which I personally think should be a slider or cut fastball instead of the changeup or curveball. Back up catcher should be option number 3 and honestly Gerald Laird would be a good option as he would be cheap, good defense, and would hit better in a smaller roll than he did as primary starter. Bullpen is the wild card as if and this is a big if a healthy Joel Zumaya would be the answer. Let him work with verlander and learn that he doesnt have to dial it up all the time. As Zumaya’s biggest problem to me is he is constantly tryin to throw harder than he has to.


  13. To Mike La Noue:
    I like everything you said and agree totally, including your whole line-up EXCEPT for one thing: bullpen: same as 2011. Really? You’re content with Ryan Scary-Perry? You never know how many runs this guy is going to allow to score. And Dan Schlereth? Another inconsistent, who either keeps a game on course (on a good day), or blows it, like Perry. Please, Tigers, get some arms in the ‘pen who are actually reliable, so I don’t spend every game sweating that the starter won’t last thru eight.


  14. The Tigers did plenty of hitting in the playoffs. The problem they had was baserunning. Maybe that is what you meant, but the Tigers do not have a problem hitting. They had a problem with Avila creating a black hole at the back end of the lineup, but aside from that, they had too many baserunners and not enough guys rounding those bases effectively. I agree they need to go after someone like reyes, but I don’t think you need ramirez in the 3 slot. I think Cabrera should be hitting third, Martinez behind him, and Jackson in the 2 slot. He has speed and can focus on hitting and running instead of drawing walks. That was his big problem last year, being expected to hit leadoff when he isn’t a leadoff player. I agree with your assessment of targeting Bumgarner too. We will have some money to throw around with Guillen and Mags gone.


  15. your lineup is loaded. but in my opinion, the middle relief needs to be upgraded in a major way. how many times this year was Schlereth, Perry, Purcey, Coke brought in this year and they end up walking the first man they faced, making a difficult task that much harder. this is one of the MAIN reason that tigers lost to Texas. if they had some decent bullpen arms (not belonging to Benoit or Valverde), tigers could’ve held off Texas in the extra innings and kept game 6 closer within striking distance.

    the other major need is that of timely hitting. they scored most of their runs off of solo shots. imagine how they would’ve done if they had gotten a lousy single with men in scoring position.


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