The other day I received a nasty-gram from a reader taking me to task for not covering the Winter Meetings with more gusto. I suppose that’s fair. Though, there’s not much going on as far as the Tigers are concerned and there are enough outlets reporting it. Nevertheless, it got me thinking.

As you’ve no doubt noticed, particularly since the Tigers’ season ended in Arlington, the offerings at The Daily Fungo have been sparse – and that’s been by design. Since I launched this blog in March 2006, I’ve never wanted to post something for the sake of keeping up a schedule. In fact, I think the “daily” component of this blog’s name was fraudulent on day two. But over the course of six seasons you still visited the site, left insightful comments and motivated me to keep cranking out the material. Thank you for that.

My goal was to never waste your time – though I’m sure I missed the mark on dozens of occasions; thanks for bearing with me – and to offer a perspective on the Tigers that you might not find elsewhere. I hope I did once in a while.

Thanks, too, to The Daily Fungo contributors: Ian Casselberry, Jim Craddock, Wade Fink, Len Gutman, Doug Hill, John Milton and Nick Shlain. I’m glad you were part of the team.

Finally, I send thanks to Craig Monroe for providing the inspiration for so much of the content in the early days.

Be good, everyone. It’s been a blast.

P.S. I’ll still be writing about the Tigers on Twitter. Follow me @DailyFungo.