4 thoughts on “Tigers Misery Index for Week of June 4”

  1. Our wo’s have come because we can not sustain a rally with Availa, Boesch, Peralta, and Young all hitting in the low .200’s. Do we make a change or go get someone who is more consistent at the plate?


  2. Tiger’ Mgr. Leyland discounts the value of having a vocal leader in the clubhouse but its obvious that the Tigers need one to shake things up a little. Everyone seems to be plodding along waiting for the right things to start happening all by themselves but unless the lethargy breaks soon they’re gonna wake up out of contention when its to late to do anything about it.


  3. Not to mention the health issues. No.2 pitcher Doug Fister has only started 3 games this year. He may be 0-3 but with an ERA under 3.00, whose fault is that? What about Jackson and Dirks? Two of the hottest bats and rally sparks on the team and they’re out with injuries. Not good. If everyone’s healthy, I see good things.


  4. The Daily Fungo has no updates since June 4th? How about calling either the Bi-Weekly Fungo or the Monthly Fungo?

    C’mon! Keep up with the site or shut he’ down.


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