2 thoughts on “Tigers Misery Index for the Week of June 25”

  1. I am optimistic simply because our pitching is coming around. In the last 10 games or so we have gone from the 24th best ERA in the majors to the 14th best.


  2. I am optimistic because it is slowly coming together.
    Bats are getting better.

    Quintin Berry has been awesome-holding up way more than his share of the hitting load.

    Fielder & Cabrera are finally getting more consistent in their hitting.

    Fister is going to get it together.

    Jacob Turner has a lot of promise

    As you noted, I do hope DD does something with the rotation. Rick Procello has been VERY inconsistent.
    Just like last year, they are slow to get rolling, but come July I think we will see the Tigers take off.


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