Friday Freehans: Winter Meetings Leftovers

A week of anticipation around the Winter Meetings fizzled out when the Tigers swung only minor moves. Here are some leftovers and tidbits to start your weekend:

  • I just read that the Royals are targeting Anibal Sanchez among other established starters. There’s a slim chance he could end up back with the Tigers but from all accounts it’s paper-thin. Sanchez to the Royals wouldn’t bother me, naturally, as much as the White Sox. That’s my nightmare scenario: the Sox swoop in and sign Sanchez or Zack Greinke.
  • Dave Dombrowski‘s hedging his bets and says he supports Jhonny Peralta at shortstop in 2013.

    “I know he’s committed to going out and having a good year. He’s already working out hard this wintertime. He’s working out hard with Cabrera and [Alex] Avila down in South Florida, so I think he’s going to go out and have a real good year for us.”

    Really, what else can he say?

  • Talk about a stretch. Checkout this storytitled “Detroit Politician Wants Obama To Bail Out Three Billionaire Team Owners”.
  • Omar Infante and his broken hand will be ready in timefor Spring Training.
  • The 1988 Indians had five future big-league managerson its roster or coaching staff. Can you name them?
  • How great is it that Craig Monroe will be back with Fox Sports Detroit in 2013 to provide more astute and incisive analysis? Really great. Except only not great at all.

Finally, Happy 97th Birthday to actor Eli Wallach, who I first saw on TV when I was a kid and he had a turn as Mr. Freeze on “Batman.”

Have a great weekend.

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Mike McClary

Upbeat guy.

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