Tigers and Angels Talking Porcello?

It’s clear the Tigers are shopping Brennan Boesch and, with the return of Anibal Sanchez to the rotation, Rick Porcello’s days in Detroit appear numbered.

Out in Anaheim, the Angels find themselves with a surplus of outfielders now that Josh Hamilton has been formally introduced. According to Danny Knobler, the Tigers and Angels are feeling each other out about a deal involving Porcello.

A Porcello-for-Peter Bourjos swap would seem to make great sense for both sides. But that doesn’t necessarily mean it will happen.

For one thing, the Angels are telling teams that they would prefer to address their surplus by moving Kendrys Morales, rather than Bourjos or Mark Trumbo. Bourjos would stay in the outfield with Hamilton and Mike Trout, with Trumbo getting the at-bats that Morales would have had as the designated hitter and back-up first baseman.

I like the sound of these possibilities. And expect we’ll hear a lot more Porcello rumblings in the next few weeks. Boesch too.

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4 thoughts on “Tigers and Angels Talking Porcello?”

  1. I think Bourjos would be a great pick up, I’d love to see another possible leadoff type on the roster, I think AJax would be a better #2 hitter than leadoff, hitting in front of Cabby and with a speedster on base could cause him to have Jay Bell type season when he was hitting in from of Gonzo when Gonzo hit 47 HR.


  2. Bourjos, speed and better D to fill out the OF would be nice… Morales? maybe but the Tigers already have great/slow running hitters. Trumbo makes the most sense, less prone to another injury and faster than Morales. Putting Trumbo in the Tigers line-up would be great! But, Bourjos is lightning fast and can help the pitching, it looked to me like that was our weakness against the San Fran Cy Youngs.


  3. I like Morales and Trumbo but where are you going to play them? Morales wouldn’t start unless over VMart at DH. Knocking in runners on base and having deficient D is not something we need more of if we pick up Trumbo. Even hitting Bourjos 9th ahead of JAX would solve a huge problem of getting runners on base ahead of Cabby and Prince.


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