Three for Thursday: Tram and the Hall, The Return of Willie Blair and Lame Journalism

A few morsels for you on a slow news day:

1. Now that most of the glitzy offseason moves have been completed, attention is turning to the Hall of Fame ballot. For Tigers fans that means lots of anti-Jack Morris articles and a few pro-Alan Trammell pieces. At, Jay Jaffe makes the case for Tram:

Despite his Hall of Fame-caliber numbers, the BBWAA voters have given Trammell little recognition in 11 years on the ballot. His candidacy deserves a closer look while he’s still got at least a puncher’s chance.

Jaffe does an excellent job examining Tram’s career and how it stacks up against his American League East contemporaries.

2. Remember Willie Blair? Sure you do. In four seasons with the Tigers, 1997 and 1999 to 2001, he compiled a 30-29 record with a 5.44 ERA. He won 16 games for the ’97 Tigers. Anyway, this week he was named the Padres’ new bullpen coach.

3. This might be the stupidest thing I’ve read all week. And maybe longer than that.

Finally, Happy 36th Birthday to Aubrey Huff. Yeah, I know.

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One thought on “Three for Thursday: Tram and the Hall, The Return of Willie Blair and Lame Journalism”

  1. I know i am biased in making these coments being a tigers fan from mid 70’s on, but there is no reason in my mind the Trammell is not in the hall. I wont say he’s the best shortstop to ever play the game, but as mentioned before, his numbers compare i say more than favorably to those already in the hall, plus unless I remember wrong, the only person who beat him out of rookie of the year was Whittaker. since then they were one of the best mid-fielders in the game. They made turning double plays look a lot eisier then what it was. What his fielding percentage had to be over .930, if not close to .960. Career bating ave about .280 or so? They wont put him in but will probably vote Bonds in, or any one of those who put a blemmish ( in my opinion ) on the game who took shortcuts by using steroids or growth hormones or whatever method to help their numbers. come on writers, make it right and put Trammell in the hall.


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