A Blogging Return to Tiger Town

Well, hello there. My name is Ian Casselberry.

You may remember me from such baseball blogs as Bless You Boys and Big League Stew.

I’ve also written for MLive.com. And over the past year, I was a MLB lead writer for Bleacher Report, primarily covering the National League.

Writing about the “other league” was fun because I’d mostly been an AL guy (and Tigers guy) previously and I enjoyed the opportunity to cover teams I didn’t always get to watch. I particularly enjoyed following the Washington Nationals last year as they emerged as a World Series contender.

But I certainly missed writing about — and watching — the Tigers last year. I’d sneak a game in when I could, especially when Detroit played a matinee. For most of the season, I felt like some old friends were off having fun without me and I’d just hear about it on Facebook.

Fortunately, the Tigers took care of that for me with their postseason run, making them a team I got to write about frequently in October. If only the season would have ended the way we hoped…

I left B/R back in February, however, and wanted writing about baseball to be fun again.

Whenever a character is rebooted in comic books or movies, the new creators often say they’re taking him “back to his roots.” Let’s remember that Superman is ultimately a farm boy from Kansas or that Peter Parker is always trying to make up for not using his powers to stop a crime when he could have.

OK, that’s a bit loftier than whatever it is I’m doing.

Yet I started out blogging to give myself an outlet when I lived in Iowa and most of my friends and fellow fans lived back in Michigan. I wrote about the Tigers because no one seemed to be writing what I wanted to read at the time.

That doesn’t quite apply now. There is a lot of excellent writing on the Tigers available now. The Tigersosphere is strong.

But I miss writing about my favorite baseball team. If I’m trying to “get back to my roots” and make writing fun again, the Tigers have to play a role in that. So here I am.

I’ve wanted to team up with Mike McClary and write for The Daily Fungo for years. However, something always seemed to prevent me from doing so.

When I first planned to contribute to the Fungo after the 2006 season, I got an offer from SB Nation to run Bless You Boys. Three years later, I was ready to help Mike out again, but was offered a gig at the now-defunct (editorially speaking) SB Nation Detroit. Soon thereafter, I joined the crew at Big League Stew.

So now that I’ve written my first post here, I expect an e-mail from Grantland shortly.

Just kidding.

Anyway, that’s probably far too long and self-indulgent of an introduction. I’m excited about blogging on the Tigers again. Mike has some cool plans I hope he gets to follow through on.

It’s going to be a fun year. I hope to do all I can to get you coming back here to read more. Thanks for following.


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