I Believe I Can Blog

Another re-introduction is in order. Following Ian Casselberry’s triumphant return to this blog, there’s another less-anticipated, and much less-accomplished blogger coming back to the Fungo fold: me, Jim Craddock. Mike was kind enough to let me share my occasional musings on baseball and the Tigers a while back, and I’m honored and thankful that he’s extended the invitation again. Just so you know what you’re getting, I would like to paraphrase Crash Davis in Bull Durham as I explain my Tiger Baseball belief system:

I believe Alan Trammell, Lou Whitaker, and Jack Morris should be in the Hall of Fame
I believe that a HOF case can be made for Mickey Lolich and Bill Freehan, too.
I believe I miss Paul Carey doing ballgames as much as I miss Ernie Harwell
I believe Cincinnati is pronounced Cincinatt-uh, because that’s how George Kell did it.
I believe the MVP voters should have waited until AFTER September 1st to turn in their ballots in 1987.
I believe that Randy Smith’s name should never be spoken aloud without immediately spitting.
I believe that goes for Tom Monaghan, too. Because the Tiger careers of Lance Parrish, Kirk Gibson, and Ernie Harwell should never have been interrupted.
I believe that Dave Dombrowski is Mike Ilich’s baseball equivalent to Jimmy Devellano…
I also believe it’s a shame that it took him a decade to find him.
I believe Magglio Ordonez was worth every penny he made in Detroit.
I believe we could make three more trades with the Marlins and we’d still be on the plus side of the ledger because of Miggy.
I believe Triple Crown = MVP.
I believe the Tigers will win the division…every year
…and finally, I believe Opening Day should be a national holiday.

I have other, less Tiger-centric baseball beliefs, but those will have to wait for another post.

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