A Wretched Jersey of Scum and Villainy

mudhens_wookieeYou’ve likely heard about the special jerseys that the Toledo Mud Hens are wearing for Star Wars weekend at Fifth Third Field. (“May the 4th be with you,” by the way.)

The Tigers’ Triple-A team will be outfitted in jerseys inspired by Chewbacca. These really look like a bad choice, as you can see from the accompanying photo.

Sure, the jerseys are memorable — likely more so than if the Mud Hens went with a C-3PO or R2D2 theme. Han Solo and his vest or Darth Vader and his calculator chestpiece probably wouldn’t work. So maybe Chewie was the right way to go.

If only these tops didn’t look so hideous with their brown color and what’s supposed to be fur, but really looks kind of like feathers. Maybe a wookiee’s coat is feathers — alien feathers from a galaxy far, far away.

Oh, and then you also have Chewbacca’s ammunition belt draped across the chest and the Mud Hens local imposed over the whole design. Wow.

Maybe these things will look better in action. And the poor Mud Hens players can console themselves by remembering that Derek Jeter once had to wear an ugly July 4th-themed jersey while on a rehab assignment with the Double-A Trenton Thunder.

But maybe the players like these jerseys. Danny Worth told MLive’s Chris Iott, “I like it though, switching up from the regular ones.” You probably just have to embrace this sort of minor-league craziness. It’s part of the game.

No matter what, you’re still playing baseball, right? Even if you have to dress up — sort of — like a Star Wars character. Besides, this is a story these players will always be able to share and laugh about. How many will be able to say they wore a Chewbacca top during a game?

That probably goes for the fans too. They’ll be able to say they once watched players wearing perhaps the ugliest jerseys ever created for a baseball game. Of course, they might also have to admit that they were wearing a Princess Leia outfit or their own homemade Chewbacca costume while watching the ballgame.

I know I’m late on writing about this. It’s been out there for a while. I should be happy as a baseball fan and a Star Wars fan. (I wouldn’t call myself a Star Wars fanatic, though. I’m more of a comic book guy.)

Yet I think this somehow offends me as both a baseball fan and Star Wars fan. No one is winning here. Search your feelings; you know it to be true.

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Mike McClary

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2 thoughts on “A Wretched Jersey of Scum and Villainy”

  1. O leave it alone. Its fun.. Yeah not the best looking jersey, but I love it, and I’m a huge Star Wars junkie. Great way to have a little fun with the new one coming out soon…


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