Can’t Wait to See This Bryce Hunter Kid Play

Screen Shot 2013-05-23 at 9.59.22 PM

The screen grab spreading across the baseball Twittersphere Thursday night is this graphic from the FOX Sports Kansas City broadcast of the Royals-Angels game.

The poll question to FS Kansas City viewers was “Which young player would you like to start a franchise with?” That’s a fun one to debate, right?

Mike Trout and Manny Machado would be fine choices. Except… does Trout play for the New York Yankees? When did Machado join the Chicago White Sox? Nice work on the graphics there.

But it’s the other players listed that truly make this hilarious. “Matt Jones”? Pitcher for the Baltimore Orioles? Well, he has Matt Harvey’s face and he’s wearing a New York Mets uniform, so I guess that’s a mistake anybody creating on-screen graphics could make. Ahem. 

The best one for Tigers fans, however, is “Bryce Hunter.” The picture says Bryce Harper and the Washington Nationals, but that logo graphic is the Old English D.

I suppose we can expect this other Hunter to join Torii in the Detroit outfield. Maybe Jim Leyland can give him the start in left field? Bat him fifth behind Prince Fielder? Those 12 home runs would be second on the team to Miguel Cabrera.

(via Awful Announcing)

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