Bob Uhl’s Bitter Cup of Coffee with Tigers

Here’s a nod to the late Bob Uhl, who was born on this date 100 years ago (he died in 1990). Uhl appeared in two major-league games – one for the 1938 White Sox, one for ’40 Tigers.Uhl_Bob

In his only Tigers appearance, three days before his 26th birthday, Uhl entered the game in the middle of a Yankees route and in front of a sellout crowd at Briggs Stadium.

With one out in the sixth inning and the Tigers down 7-5 (after taking a 4-0 lead in the first), Uhl relieved Tom Seats.

Things didn’t go well.

Uhl faced six batters, retiring none of them, allowed four hits, two walks and five runs – four of them earned. Dizzy Trout relieved Uhl and retired the Yankees in order.

Final score: Yankees 16 – Tigers 7

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Mike McClary

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2 thoughts on “Bob Uhl’s Bitter Cup of Coffee with Tigers”

  1. Uhl and other players like him who had a bitter cup of coffee in the major leagues are still very special. When you think of the millions of us who ever picked up a bat and ball, and the very, very few of us who made the major leagues (even for a single day), that clearly puts Uhl and others like him on a pedestal to be admired.


    1. Thanks for your comment, Mike. I agree. I think the cup-of-coffee guys are so much more fascinating than the long-timers. Did Uhl think he’d get another chance in the majors? At the time, was he thinking “enjoy this while it lasts” or did he think he’d be there to stay.


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