Welcome to Tigers History Book

Some things are born out of necessity — both creative necessity and practical necessity. You’ve arrived at an example of both. More on that in a moment.

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Welcome to Tigers History Book, a site dedicated, as you’ve probably gathered, to the history of the Detroit Tigers Baseball Club, a charter member of the American League and my hometown baseball team.

Nine years ago I started The Daily Fungo, a Tigers blog that was, if nothing else, well timed: that year’s Tigers team, at long last, marched to a World Series when, let’s face it, an 82-80 team would have been remarkable,

During that season and the following six or seven-ish that followed, I discover that I was far more interested in writing about the Tigers teams, players and managers of my youth — and even farther back — than I was in commenting on the current team. What’s more, I always got more comments (or at least it seemed like I did) on the posts I’d write about a random Tigers utility infielder from the late 1970s than anything I’d write about Carlos Guillen. I hope the engagement with readers is the same at this site.

So, that covers the creative necessity. As for the practical, well, it’s embarrassing. I, um, managed to mess up the WordPress data export of the Fungo archive and, well, yeah.

The gist is that I’ve lost most of the workable content from The Daily Fungo. It’s not entirely gone, but it’s not entirely accessible either. I have a MySQL file containing all the Fungo goods but extracting it will be like picking grains of salt out of a big bowl of pasta — doable but not something I want to do right away.

*If you happen to know your way around MySQL, XML or WordPress, help!

I will comb through that cursed MySQL file and pull out the content of my history-related pieces and post them here. And, I’ll use the originally posting date for those. If nothing else, it’ll remind me when I’d written them.

And with that, let’s get started. I hope you enjoy what you read here.


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