About those new Tigers Spring Training uniforms …

Imagine 40 years ago someone approaching former Tigers GM and President, the late Jim Campbell, and uttering these words:

The jerseys are a part of Majestic’s new Flex Base uniform system, a design developed through insights from Major League players, innovative fabric technologies and extensive wear testing over the past two years. The new Flex Base uniforms feature a new, lighter-weight twill technology and mesh panels on the sides of the jerseys that reduce the overall weight of jerseys by 10-20 percent and enhance freedom of movement, which is significant to players.”

Assuming for a moment that Campbell wouldn’t have immediately thrown the person out of his office, upon hearing the words “innovative fabric technologies”, he would’ve likely barked at him or her that they were wasting his time.

Or, come to think of it, another possibility could’ve been Campbell seeing dollar signs floating above his head and being captivated by the additional revenue he could sock away for owner John Fetzer and not spend on a free agent or two.

Fast forward to today, when MLB announced new Spring Training uniforms and hats for all 30 clubs (which is great for teams like the Diamondbacks who already have countless choices). That bit about the “innovative fabric technologies” comes from the MLB.com article which showcases the new lineup of merchandise.

Prepare your retinas for the Tigers’ orange Spring Training cap.

Orange hat

The jersey isn’t awful but this line from the MLB.com story gives me chills:

These will debut in Spring Training and be worn throughout the regular season and postseason.

I hope never to see the dark jersey in a game outside of Florida. Then again, I’m old school and love that the Tigers have only a home-whites and road-grays, and am likely in the minority here.

blue jersey

MLB might not be the runaway marketing machine and currency printer that the NFL is, but it’s close.

What do you think of these?


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