Bonderman’s Early Inning Woes Continue … Sort of

If there is a pattern with Jeremy Bonderman, it’s that if he’s destined to implode during a start chances are it will be in the first three or four innings. In today’s game he stretched it into the fifth inning before getting shelled. I keep having to remind myself that he’s only 23…

By following their 5 and 0 start with a 1 and 5 slide, the Tigers certainly look like the .500 club most people predicted for this year. But if you look at the standings in both leagues, only the Mets have put together an extended streak of solid play. Everyone else is hovering around .500 — give or take a game. The Tigers need to hang around and they could be okay.

A non-Tigers note: My local team is only one game below .500 but I have to say they are the most boring team I’ve watched since the 2000 Astros.

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Blast from the Past: Jeffrey Maier, The Kid Who Saved the Yankees…and Killed the Orioles in '96 ALCS

This isn’t Tigers related but it’s an outstanding �whatever happened to� piece in today’s New York Times about Jeffrey Maier, the kid who reached over the right-field wall in Yankee Stadium and screwed the Orioles 10 years ago. He’s hitting .404 as third baseman/outfiled for Wesleyan University in Middletown, Conn.

The Times is a little late on this story. The Philadelphia Inquirer ran a similar piece last Sunday.

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