Friday Freehans: Interleague Gumbo

BillFreehan.jpgInterleague play is back! What’s that? You haven’t missed it?

  • As the Pirates come to town let’s do an interleague reset: Since interleague play started in 1997, the Tigers have compiled a 124-108 record, 57-33 in interleague games at Comerica Park. This year they’re 1-2.

  • In a related note, here’s the good news coming into this weekend: The Tigers’ next three series are against teams that are an average of nine games under .500. Then again, their last three series were against teams that are an average of 10 games under so draw whatever conclusions you will.

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Remember Adam Pettyjohn?

He was rising star for the Tigers in the late 1990s and earlier this decade. He nearly lost his life due to ulcerative colitis and shortly after making a few appearances for the 2001 Tigers was out of baseball.

Well, Pettyjohn is back in the bigs with Cincinnati. He made his first appearance with the Reds right here in Phoenix on Sunday: 1 IP, 2 hits, 0 runs, 1 strikeout.

Check out this article by Rany Jazayerli on

It’s a feel-good piece to be sure.

It Pays to Read the Agate Type

I read the Transactions in the sports page every day. Why? Because you might not otherwise uncover succulent tidbits such as two former Tigers moving a step closer to a big-league job, or at least one in the minors.

On Friday the Royals signed Hideo Nomo to a minor-league pact. In case you’ve forgotten, Nomo went 8-12 with a 4.74 ERA in 190 innings pitched in his one season in Detroit (2002). Notably, he gave up about a hit an inning (191) but struck out 181. He last pitched in the bigs during the 2005 season — where else? — in Tampa Bay.

Also on Friday a real blast from the past out of Cincinnati: the Reds signed LHP Adam Pettyjohn to a minor-league deal. Pettyjohn appeared in 16 games for the 2001 Tigers (nine starts) and compiled a 1-6 record and a 5.82 ERA in 65 innings. From Wikipedia:

In 2002, Pettyjohn didn’t play any professional baseball because he had to undergo a colectomy due to ulcerative colitis. In 2003, he played in the Tigers organization. He was released by the Tigers on March 28, 2003.

It sure would be nice to see him latch on.