No Surprise: Renteria’s Option Declined

trash bin.jpgSo much for Edgar Renteria‘s beggin’ and pleadin’ for a job on the 2009 Tigers. Word from Dave Dombrowski today is that Detroit won’t pick up #8’s option.

Dombrowski wouldn’t rule out re-signing Renteria as a free agent, but said the club would look at other options.

While the Tigers don’t have a viable option at short — well, they sorta do; Ian and I agree that we could just see Carlos Guillen back at short when all is said and done — but methinks that Dombrowski will be hesitant to bring back Renteria for another dismal season, rubbing more salt into the Jair Jurrjens wound.

Another thought: they could deal for the Rockies’ Clint Barmes or drop David Eckstein into the mix for a year.

Chances are that Renteria will be back in the National League and will somehow manage to hit .330.

SI Likes an Eckstein-to-Tigers Deal

SI’s John Donovan would like to see 10 trades made this week. Here’s one he’d like the Tigers to make:

David Eckstein (Blue Jays) to the Tigers

Eckstein gets pounded on by the stats-minded community. His numbers indicate that he’s not even an average big-league shortstop. Still, he’d be better than Edgar Renteria, he’s cheap, he’s been on World Series winners and he’s on a short contract. Plus the Tigers could use a little “scrappiness.”

I’d have no problem with this. Before the Reneteria trade went down, I thought the Tigers should’ve signed Eckstein to a one-year deal as a stop gap.