Tigers Today: September 9, 2010

Porcello.jpgTigers’ Record:

71-70, 3rd Place; 12.5 GB

Today’s Results

Tigers 6 – White Sox 3

Yesterday’s Results

Tigers 5 – White Sox 1

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Tigers Today: September 1, 2010

DaveRucker.jpgTigers’ Record:

65-67, 3rd Place; 11 GB

Today’s Game

Tigers @ Twins | 8:10 p.m. ET – Target Field | On the air: FSD/AM 1270 and 97.1 FM

Pitching Matchup

Max Scherzer (10-9, 3.60 ERA) vs. Francisco Liriano (12-7, 3.41 ERA)

Yesterday’s Results

Twins 4 – Tigers 3

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Tigers Today: August 29, 2010

ScorecardXSmall.jpgTigers’ Record:

64-66, 3rd Place; 11 GB

Today’s Game

Tigers @ Blue Jays | 1:12 p.m. ET – Location | On the air: FSD/AM 1270 and 97.1 FM

Pitching Matchup

Rick Porcello (5-11, 5.76 ERA) vs. LHP Marc Rzepczynski (1-1, 4.76 ERA)

Yesterday’s Results

Blue Jays 5 – Tigers 4

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Tigers Today: June 29, 2010

Tigers’ Record:

41-34, 1st place; 1/2-game lead

Today’s Game

Tigers @ Twins| 8:10 p.m. ET – Target Field | On the air: FSD/AM 1270 and 97.1 FM

Pitching Matchup

Armando Galarraga (3-1, 3.68 ERA) vs. RHP Nick Blackburn (6-5, 6.10 ERA)

Yesterday’s Results

Tigers 7 – Twins 5

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Tigers Today: April 8, 2010

BehindHomePlate.jpg Tigers Record: 1-1

Today’s Game

Tigers @ Royals | 2:10 p.m. ET – Kauffman Stadium, Kansas City | On the air: FSD/1270-AM

Pitching Matchup

Dontrelle Willis, 0-0 0.00 ERA vs. Brian Bannister, 0-0 0.00 ERA

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How the Tigers Fare Historically on October 6

TigersMug.jpg On Oct. 6, 2006, Kenny Rogers began etching himself into the Tigers’ postseason lore with 7.2 innings of five-hit mastery of the Yankees at Comerica Park. (As if you’ve forgotten.)

He walked just two and struck out eight as the Tigers beat the Yankees 5-0 — and Rogers slew a personal postseason dragon — to take a two-games-to-one lead in the American League Division Series.

A look through the Tigers history book reveals that they’ve been quite busy on October 6 — when they make the postseason, that is. So, I thought we’d take a look and see if there’s some historical star alignment happening ahead of Game 163. Here’s a deeper look at how the Tigers have performed (or not) in the franchise’s postseason appearances from 1907 through 1987:

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Three for Thursday

Fenway Park is inching its way toward Metrodome and U.S. Cellular Field status in the heart of this Tigers fan. Anyway…


  1. I’ve long been a fan of the Oakland A’s. Admittedly, it was because I loved their gold, green and white ensemble they wore in the 1970s, but also because of Billy Martin‘s Oakland clubs in the early ’80s. The other day I picked up “Champions: The Story of the First Two Oakland A’s Dynasties and the Building of the Third” by Glenn Dickey, at the library.

    The first chapter, fittingly, is about long-time A’s owner Charlie Finley. Dickey shares this nugget: Before Finley bought the Kansas City A’s, one of his many failed attempts to buy a club included the Tigers. Can you imagine? Denny McLain and Charlie Finley? And we thought Jim Campbell was cheap…

  2. I can’t abide by Batting Stance Guy.

  3. If you’re an autograph hound, and I mean that lovingly, you can score a Zach Miner and Clete Thomas autograph on Saturday. Just donate new or gently used baseball equipment, or who provide a cash-money donation, at ABC Warehouse at 30280 Plymouth Road in Livonia from 12:30-1:30 p.m.

    The donations benefit Gloves For Kids, a program designed to provide Detroit’s youth the proper sporting equipment to participate in organized baseball and softball. Tell them The Fungo sent you…and be prepared for a blank stare.

Wanted to mention a couple of housekeeping items. Over the years I’ve grappled with the notion of advertising on The Fungo; I don’t want to clutter up the site with stuff that you have no interest in. You might have noticed that I added an Amazon block ad to the sidebar and Google Ads w-a-a-a-y down the page. A couple of things to point out. I control the Amazon ad and I’ve customized it so it shows only Tigers-related books. So, if you click on the ad and end up buying a copy, I get a morsel of revenue. And I mean morsel.

The Google Ads are there more as an experiment than anything else. I’ve had an Adsense account for about five years and in that time I’ve accrued a whopping $50 in revenue. (Google only cuts checks for $100 or more, so at my current pace I’ve got another five years before I get paid.) Of course, if you feel moved to click an ad, by all means do so.

Bottom line: I’m not going to get rich on these but every little bit helps.

The Non Sequiturs: Weekender Edition

Tigers fans expected the team to be the talk of baseball in 2008. Little did they know it would be in the form of fodder for the late-night talkshow set.
Alas, here we are, watching a team sleepwalking its way to a 1-8 record and heading to Chicago for a series that doesn’t bode well, given the Tigers’ record against the White Sox.

Luckily, we have the non sequiturs to keep us loose:

  • ESPN.com released its Power Rankings for the week and the Tigers sit in the bottom half: #18. The good news is the folks in Bristol believe a 1-8 Detroit team is still better than the 4-6 Giants.
  • Stop Me if You’ve Heard This One Dept.:

    Court officers from Wayne County and Livingston County were at Denny McLain’s Hamburg Township residence this afternoon seizing property under a search warrant issued in Wayne County, police said.

    It’s true what the song says, “There’s never been any like Denny McLain.”

  • Yes, yes, I take back what I said about the bullpen in general and Zach Miner specifically. Let’s see if Clay Rapada can avoid the gopher ball this time around.
  • I was going to recap what Jayson Stark had to say about the Tigers this morning but Ian, as usual, does it much better. Warning: The Dontrelle Willis rumblings aren’t good.
  • Speaking of national correspondents, Ken Rosenthal says the Tigers have “issues, not problems.”

    They remain a good bet to reach the postseason despite their 0-6 start. Yet, their weaknesses are not easily dismissed.

    — snip —

    Tigers reliever Joel Zumaya, the executive says, was a candidate for a breakdown because he has a violent delivery and lands on his heel. Verlander also lands on his heel, the exec says, with his front toe turned toward first base. His delivery increases the stress on his shoulder and makes it difficult for him to keep the ball down.

  • I’m trying to figure out what Brandon Inge‘s half-decent start means in the big scheme o’ things. Does it improve his trade value an iota? Does it mean he’s happier in Detroit with all these unforeseen at bats? Does it mean anything? Discuss.

Finally, be sure to send along birthday wishes today to the following former Tigers: Sean Bergman, John Martin, Sid Monge and Mike Kilkenny.