Wednesday Walewanders: Leftovers Edition

spaghetti.jpgHere are a few items I’ve stumbled upon while enjoying last night’s rare Tigers win at U.S. Cellular Field:

  • Baseball Prospectus‘s David Laurilla interviewed Dallas Braden and asked the A’s lefty about Armando Galarraga:

    DL: Armando Galarraga threw just 88 pitches in his masterpiece, about 20 fewer than you threw in yours. Given his efficiency, was his game more perfect than yours?

    DB: He was, well… I mean, his wasn’t a perfect game. But he was extremely efficient, yeah. He was filling up the strike zone, pounding the strike zone. To see that guy just… he came out and he dominated a lineup. He was, as you said, extremely efficient and that’s the kind of performance you want to take out there day in and day out, because I can guarantee you that even after the taste that was left in his mouth, he’s probably still OK with the one-hit effort that he was tapped with.

  • I don’t usually link to five-year-old articles but here’s a good one from The USA Today about Tigers’ clubhouse manager Jim Schmakel.

  • Here’s one final leftover from Armando Galarraga‘s perfect game: a segment on NPR’s “Talk of the Nation” program on the game and the aftermath. Host Neal Conan interviews the Freep‘s Drew Sharp and he plays a snippet of an NPR interview with Jim Joyce … from 1998. Listen here. (And here’s one from NPR talking with retired umpire Don Denkinger.)

  • If you want to feel good about who the Tigers selected in this week’s draft, don’t read this assessment from’s Keith Law:

    It feels like a very un-David Chadd kind of draft, what with the lack of power arms. They took a fringe lefty with a good changeup in Drew Smyly, and some good college relievers in Cole Green and Brian Dupra, as well as bat-control/good-arm catcher Rob Brantly. Tough signs include USC commit Jake Hernandez (a catcher and a personal favorite of mine) and Arkansas commit Dominic Ficociello; if they don’t land one of their tough-sign candidates, including their first overall pick Nick Castellanos, it’s a draft class low on upside.

Finally, you’ll appreciate the Tigers organization even more after you read this column on the disaster that is the Arizona Diamondbacks.