The Monday Report: Non Sequiturs to Start Your Week

  • How time flies. It was 18 years ago Saturday (Jan. 12) that the Tigers traded right-handed starter Jeff Robinson to the Orioles for catcher Mickey Tettleton. (Somewhere I have Robinson’s autograph on a bleacher-seat ticket stub.) 
  • No one really knows how long Joel Zumaya will be out — perhaps all season. If that’s the case, and he’s able to come back next year in 2006 form, could this injury actually prolong his career? I’m just sayin’… 
  • If you, like me, have wondered why the Tigers of the 1980s don’t get more love from Hall of Fame voters, be sure to read John Brattain‘s piece on The Hardball Times. 
  • If you want your retinas scarred forever, visit the Baseball Writers’ Association of America Web site. If you don’t, don’t. 
  • One more thing on Brandon Inge. I realize his world’s been rocked since the trade for Dontrelle Willis and Miguel Cabrera, but I’m still a little surprised that he’s been so quiet this offseason. He could have pulled an Ebby Calvin “Nuke” LaLoosh and talked with reporters using nothing but clichés. Instead, he’s said nothing and now must face the questions over and over again in Spring Training. Think that won’t be a bit distracting to him and the team? 
  • Did you know that Dontrelle Willis will be only the second “Willis” to play for the Tigers in their history? He’s the first since current Indians’ pitching coach Carl Willis. You can look it up. 
  • Finally, Tigers birthdays galore over the past few days, starting with Dave “Soup” Campbell of ESPN Radio’s MLB coverage. He played for the Tigers from 1967-69; he turns 66 today. On Sunday several former Tigers celebrate their big day. From oldest to youngest:

    And on Friday Tigers hitting coach Lloyd McClendon turned 49.