Tigers Today: April 11, 2010


Tigers’ Record: 4-1

Today’s Game

Tigers vs. Indians | 1:05 p.m ET – Comerica Park | On the air: FSD PLUS/1270

Pitching Matchup

Justin Verlander, 0-0, 7.20 ERA vs. Jake Westbrook, 0-1, 11.25 ERA

Yesterday’s Results

Tigers 4 – Indians 2

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Analyze This

One of the most enjoyable regular columns on BaseballProspectus.com is Transaction Analysis by Christina Kahrl. The Tigers rarely garner much attention in TA but this week is the exception. When you look at the number of roster moves Detroit has made lately you will a) be astounded, and b) amused by Kahrl’s take on certain moves, including the Craig Monroe trade. In this installment, Monroe gets double coverage (Detroit and, of course, the Cubs).

First, a morsel of Kahrl’s Tigers assessment:

[D]id hauling [Cameron Maybin] up really have to involve discarding Monroe? And what’s up with demoting Infante? In each case, my initial readiness to complain turned out to be pointless. Yes, Monroe’s really too good to be discarded this way, especially on a team that could use his bat against lefties, especially when that lineup’s carrying Casey’s carcass in one of its nine slots. 

Ouch.And now for the Cubs:

I’m as ready to bang on Monroe for his limitations as the next stathead, but I actually like this well enough for the Cubs. He’s coming over to the weaker league—just ask Jason Kendall if that hasn’t made a difference—plus he’s a guy who can play some center for a club that needs a center fielder. 

Monroe in center? Ooooh, Lou Piniella won’t much like the looks of that. This edition of TA is a must-read if only for the outstanding Gregg Jefferies reference — and half-hearted comparison to Maybin.