News Galore on the Way Out the Door

It’s not often Tigers GM Dave Dombrowski gets loose and talks at length about the club’s plans, but on Sunday in Baltimore he did just that, breaking some news and confirming a few long-anticipated decisions:

  • Inge.jpgBrandon Inge gets offered an extension. As Ian wrote this summer, Inge is either loved or loathed in Detroit — with little in between. But I think even those of us who are frustrated by his lack of a strategy when he’s at the plate feel better about third base next season and maybe in 2012, too. In our recent Fungo Pulse Check, 79 percent of respondents (207 of 263 votes) preferred bringing back Inge over Jeremy Bonderman.

  • OrdonezHead.jpgMagglio Ordonez might be back. This isn’t a surprise. The Tigers aren’t picking up the $15 million option on Ordonez’s contract which means he’ll be a free agent, but the Tigers are open to re-signing him. I kept thinking that sentimental Mike Ilitch would tell Dombrowski to pick up the option for old time’s sake. I hope he comes back. If he does sign elsewhere — and you know Scott Boras is already firing up his hyperbole machine — I just pray that he doesn’t go back to the White Sox.

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The Non Sequiturs: D-Train Edition

Just how bad was the first 20 minutes of the movie “Funny People”? Bad enough for me to turn it off and look closer at Dontrelle Willis‘s stats since coming to Detroit. Here’s what I found, along with some random tidbits to consider over breakfast:

    Dontrelle Willis.jpg

  • Would you have guessed that one week into the season that Justin Verlander‘s ERA would be three-times higher than Willis’s?

    Go ahead and poke all the holes in that question. I’ll wait.

  • If you had to guess which lefty trade acquisition has a better ERA during his time in Detroit, who would you guess: Willis or Jarrod Washburn? The answer? Washburn by an eyelash — 7.73 vs. 7.77.

    Take Dontrelle’s first start of the year out of the equation and Washburn wins running away, though hardly worth bragging about. Willis’s Detroit ERA coming into the year was: 8.34.

    By the way, both pitchers have a single win to show for their respective time with the Tigers.


  • Speaking of ill-fated 2009 Tigers trades, Aubrey Huff‘s hitting .280 for the Giants.

  • How’s this for depressing? With the loss on Monday, the Tigers are 45-46 all-time against the Royals at Comerica Park. The Royals have an overall 674-952 record since the Tigers’ ballpark opened 10 years ago this week.

  • One last Dontrelle item. In last week’s Fungo Pulse Check we asked: How many games will Dontrelle Willis win this year? And here’s what you said:

    • 6-10 (45%, 80 Votes)
    • 0-5 (30%, 52 Votes)
    • 10+ (25%, 44 Votes)
    • Total Voters: 176

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That’s all I got.

Bread Crumbs from Deadline Day

breadcrumbs.jpgI tip my hat to the bloggers who managed to write about the trade deadline as it happened. I decided to let it all settle before doing some after-hours clean up.

  • He won’t be here for long, so here’s a crash course on Jarrod Washburn, who will wear number 53 for your Tigers. Specifically, let’s look at how he’s fared this season against his new division rivals:

    • Indians: 1-0, 1.35 ERA in one start
    • Royals: 0-1, 1.29, one start
    • Twins: 1-0, 0.64, two starts
    • White Sox: No Appearances (yet)

  • I really want to be excited about this trade. I do. In fact, Michael Rosenberg says I’m required to like it. But…but…the Tigers traded for a guy who will help them once a week. What about the other six games — assuming the offense shows up when Washburn pitches?

  • On the other hand, in two years when some of the prospects Washington, Baltimore, etc., wanted for their hitters are playing for the Tigers, I think we’ll all be glad that Dave Dombrowski held firm.

  • But I still would’ve liked Luke Scott.

  • Jake Peavy does not scare me.

  • The Red Sox have become one of my least-favorite teams. This after years of them not even being on my radar.

  • As I mentioned on Twitter, the Tigers could still land a decent hitter in August…it just won’t be easy. And it definitely won’t be as easy as the Neifi Perez trade in 2006.

  • I’m no fan of Ryan Raburn these days so I’m wondering why the Tigers don’t send him down to Toledo and recall Jeff Larish. I’d rather have Larish’s chance of a home run every so often than the guarantee of a daily defensive butchering from Raburn.

  • In case you were wondering about Washburn’s post-season record, it’s 1-3 with a 4.91 ERA in eight appearances (seven starts) for the Angels in 2002, ’04 and ’05.

  • So were the Tigers winners or losers at the deadline? Jayson Stark apparently thinks they’re neither. (And Rob Neyer seems to like this deal from the Mariners’ perspective. At least I think he does.)

Happy Birthday to former Tigers Andy Van Hekken (30) and Howard Bailey (52), as well as to Toledo Mud Hens’ hitting coach Leon Durham (52).

Have a great weekend.