The DTP #99: One Week to Go

DetroitTigersPodcastAlbum.jpgWelcome to The Detroit Tigers Podcast. This is Episode #99 a 68-minute podcast about the Detroit Tigers recorded live from Scottsdale, Ariz., and Ann Arbor, Mich.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Is Nate Robertson on the trading block?
  • Bobby Seay‘s torn rotator cuff
  • The Tigers’ batting order
  • Last man on the roster: Don Kelly, Jeff Larish or Clete Thomas?
  • The Sporting News pre-season predictions
  • Did anti-Semitism cost Hank Greenberg a shot at 60 homers in 1938?

…and much more.

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A Friday Freehans Two-Pack

Here are a couple of random items to round out the week:


  1. The Detroit NewsLynn Henning hosted an online chat this afternoon and I was able to sneak in a question:

    Me: Lynn, recent injuries notwithstanding, how did Jeff Larish‘s star plummet so dramatically? He was viewed as a home-grown power bat until last year. Does he have a future in Detroit?

    Henning: Ah, the Larish mystery. That one’s got everyone puzzled. A year ago, he was a hot ticket. The Mariners wanted him in that Putz deal and the Tigers thought Larish and Joyce were too much to give up. He just fell off a cliff. But it was a cliff some scouts saw coming.

  2. Twenty-two years ago today Kirk Gibson left the Tigers and signed a three-year contract worth $4.5 million with the Dodgers. Even though he’d return to Detroit at the end of his career, that day still stings.

Have a great weekend.

Wednesday Walewanders: Non-Sequiturs Galore


Celebrate Nate! I might be the only person in the Tigers Fan Universe looking forward to Robertson’s return to the rotation. Ian?

Today’s Walewanders are fueled by Almighty Blend coffee from Ann Arbor’s Mighty Good Coffee Roasting Co., sent along by the aforementioned Mr. Casselberry.

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Bread Crumbs from Deadline Day

breadcrumbs.jpgI tip my hat to the bloggers who managed to write about the trade deadline as it happened. I decided to let it all settle before doing some after-hours clean up.

  • He won’t be here for long, so here’s a crash course on Jarrod Washburn, who will wear number 53 for your Tigers. Specifically, let’s look at how he’s fared this season against his new division rivals:

    • Indians: 1-0, 1.35 ERA in one start
    • Royals: 0-1, 1.29, one start
    • Twins: 1-0, 0.64, two starts
    • White Sox: No Appearances (yet)

  • I really want to be excited about this trade. I do. In fact, Michael Rosenberg says I’m required to like it. But…but…the Tigers traded for a guy who will help them once a week. What about the other six games — assuming the offense shows up when Washburn pitches?

  • On the other hand, in two years when some of the prospects Washington, Baltimore, etc., wanted for their hitters are playing for the Tigers, I think we’ll all be glad that Dave Dombrowski held firm.

  • But I still would’ve liked Luke Scott.

  • Jake Peavy does not scare me.

  • The Red Sox have become one of my least-favorite teams. This after years of them not even being on my radar.

  • As I mentioned on Twitter, the Tigers could still land a decent hitter in August…it just won’t be easy. And it definitely won’t be as easy as the Neifi Perez trade in 2006.

  • I’m no fan of Ryan Raburn these days so I’m wondering why the Tigers don’t send him down to Toledo and recall Jeff Larish. I’d rather have Larish’s chance of a home run every so often than the guarantee of a daily defensive butchering from Raburn.

  • In case you were wondering about Washburn’s post-season record, it’s 1-3 with a 4.91 ERA in eight appearances (seven starts) for the Angels in 2002, ’04 and ’05.

  • So were the Tigers winners or losers at the deadline? Jayson Stark apparently thinks they’re neither. (And Rob Neyer seems to like this deal from the Mariners’ perspective. At least I think he does.)

Happy Birthday to former Tigers Andy Van Hekken (30) and Howard Bailey (52), as well as to Toledo Mud Hens’ hitting coach Leon Durham (52).

Have a great weekend.

Wednesday Walewanders

For the first time in three months (no joke), it’s raining here. We’ll stay warm and dry as we rollout another set of Walewanders:


  • Remember when the Tigers announced that one of the coaches hadn’t decided to return for 2009? Whatever happened with that?

  • Almost a year ago, the Tigers acquired Dontrelle Willis and Miguel Cabrera and the playoff tickets were being designed in a desktop publishing program somewhere. Today? This team is viewed as a club with a flawed roster, a manager whose job is on the line, and a suddenly tighter budget. Is this 180-degree turnaround as astounding to you as it is to me?

  • Speaking of Dontrelle, listening to XM’s MLB Home Plate channel yesterday, I heard his agent, Matt Sosnick, say that Willis is physically sound and that any challenges next season will be purely mental. Ahem. Oh, and as for the D-Train’s offseason plans? This is a quote: “He needs to refresh himself mentally.” Don’t we all.

  • Over at [$] guest columnist Ian Casselberry suggests that the Tigers should trade Placido Polanco this offseason. As much as this idea pains me, Ian’s reasoning is spot-on…as usual.

  • As usual, Friend of the Fungo Rob Neyer beats the No-Jack-Morris-in-the-Hall-of-Fame drum. Sigh. (Oh, and Rob’s column is no longer behind the Insider deal and is free to all.)

  • For the past month I’ve been meaning to write a post about the Arizona Fall League experience. I started it. I just…can’t…finish it. Yet. In the meantime, here’s a set of photos from a game in late October featuring many Tigers prospects, including Jeff Larish.

Finally, Happy 61st Birthday to Richie Hebner. The old gravedigger turns 61 today. (Did you know that Hebner was the last Tiger to wear number 2 before the team retired the number in honor of Charlie Gehringer?)

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. Be safe.

Three for Thursday: Fitty-Cent Edition

  1. As I mentioned yesterday, I took-in Monday night’s freeze-fest at a cold, rainy and darn-near empty Comerica Park. The best part — besides hanging with some good friends — was the ticket price. 3 fingers.jpgThanks to the Tigers’ tank job this season, I was able to pay 50¢ for each of the four $13 tickets. Fifty cents! (If it weren’t for the $17 dollars in StubHub charges for “last-minute services”, it would’ve been the steal of the century.) Don’t believe me? Take a look at StubHub for the remaining Tigers games. Chances are, you’ll see some starting at a buck or less.

  2. Every year since I moved to the Phoenix area, I’ve vowed to attend some Arizona Fall League games. So far, I’ve attended zero. But that will change this year because Jeff Larish and Clete Thomas will be among the Tigers’ prospects playing for the Mesa Solar Sox or whatever. Wait. What’s that you say? D’oh! So much for Thomas. I may need to reevaluate.
  3. Only three more games against the White Sox. Music to my ears. With any luck, the Tigers will do some damage in Chicago and let the Twins move closer to the division lead. By the way, which team do you want to win the A.L. Central? Cast your vote in our latest poll.