Wednesday Walewanders: Leftovers Edition

spaghetti.jpgHere are a few items I’ve stumbled upon while enjoying last night’s rare Tigers win at U.S. Cellular Field:

  • Baseball Prospectus‘s David Laurilla interviewed Dallas Braden and asked the A’s lefty about Armando Galarraga:

    DL: Armando Galarraga threw just 88 pitches in his masterpiece, about 20 fewer than you threw in yours. Given his efficiency, was his game more perfect than yours?

    DB: He was, well… I mean, his wasn’t a perfect game. But he was extremely efficient, yeah. He was filling up the strike zone, pounding the strike zone. To see that guy just… he came out and he dominated a lineup. He was, as you said, extremely efficient and that’s the kind of performance you want to take out there day in and day out, because I can guarantee you that even after the taste that was left in his mouth, he’s probably still OK with the one-hit effort that he was tapped with.

  • I don’t usually link to five-year-old articles but here’s a good one from The USA Today about Tigers’ clubhouse manager Jim Schmakel.

  • Here’s one final leftover from Armando Galarraga‘s perfect game: a segment on NPR’s “Talk of the Nation” program on the game and the aftermath. Host Neal Conan interviews the Freep‘s Drew Sharp and he plays a snippet of an NPR interview with Jim Joyce … from 1998. Listen here. (And here’s one from NPR talking with retired umpire Don Denkinger.)

  • If you want to feel good about who the Tigers selected in this week’s draft, don’t read this assessment from’s Keith Law:

    It feels like a very un-David Chadd kind of draft, what with the lack of power arms. They took a fringe lefty with a good changeup in Drew Smyly, and some good college relievers in Cole Green and Brian Dupra, as well as bat-control/good-arm catcher Rob Brantly. Tough signs include USC commit Jake Hernandez (a catcher and a personal favorite of mine) and Arkansas commit Dominic Ficociello; if they don’t land one of their tough-sign candidates, including their first overall pick Nick Castellanos, it’s a draft class low on upside.

Finally, you’ll appreciate the Tigers organization even more after you read this column on the disaster that is the Arizona Diamondbacks.

Gerald Laird Likely to Lose at His Uniform-Number Shell Game

LairdHead.jpgOn May 29, Gerald Laird changed his uniform number from 8 to 12 in the hope his offensive luck would change. Who could blame him for trying something — anything — to inject some life into his bat.

How’s it worked? He’s 2 for 16, or .125 since the switcheroo.

Before he had clubhouse guy Jim Schmakel sew him up a new uni, Laird was 16 for 101, or .158. And his overall stats for Laird while wearing #8 — the ones we’ll compare below with his predecessors are: .184 avg., 5 HR, .271 OBP, .553 OPS

This uniform-change ploy got me thinking about recent Tigers players that wore number 8 or number 12 to see which had the best offensive numbers and if, based on recent history (going back to 1995ish), Laird might luck out by some numerical karma.

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