R.I.P. Jose Capellan

Former Tigers reliever Jose Capellan passed away yesterday at the age of 34.

Capellan played parts of five seasons in the majors with the Braves, Brewers, Tigers and Rockies from 2004 to 2008. He went 5-7 with a 5.89 ERA in 99 games.

Capellan also played in Korea and the Dominican Republic Winter League with Gigantes del Cibao and Toros del Este. His last appearance in professional baseball was with Toros in the 2013-14 winter season.

In 10 appearances (14 innings) with the 2007 Tigers, Capellan surrendered 18 hits, five of them homers, and 10 earned runs in posting a 1-0 record and a 6.43 ERA.

Bizarro Trifecta: Grandy’s Birthday, Charles Hudson and Jose Capellan


  • Happy 28th Birthday, Curtis Granderson. The sooner you get back to Lakeland, the better.

  • Today is also the birthday of Charles Hudson. His only distinction in Tigers lore is that he’s the guy for whom Detroit traded Tom Brookens 19 years and 51 weeks ago today. Hudson appeared in 18 games during the slog that was 1989 and posted a 1-5 record with a plump 6.35 ERA.

  • Jose Capellan? For real?

  • Finally, in our most recent Daily Fungo Pulse Check, we asked Who should get the Opening Day start in Toronto for the Tigers? The choices were Justin Verlander and Jeremy Bonderman. Talk about a landslide: Verlander 31 of 35 votes (89%) to Bondo’s 11%.

    For those of you wondering if I’d lost my mind by even considering Bonderman an Opening Day option, keep in mind I posted the survey before his setbacks, trip to the doctor in Detroit, etc.

Speaking of Fungo Pulse Checks, weigh in on the latest one, won’t you?

Blogging a Thursday Matinee Game

The beauty of being self-employed: watching a Tigers matinee game on my office TV while working away. I don’t do this very often but he are my thoughts updated throughout the game.Jeremy Bonderman clearly has the slider going today.Wow, Timo Perez. As I’ve mentioned before, never in their history have the Tigers had a player named “Perez” on the roster. That streak ended last year when Neifi arrived. Chances are the Tigers are the first team in history to have a Timo and a Neifi on the 40-man.What’s with all the pop ups today?Timo Perez is wearing #19. It reminds me of the unfortunate Roger Cedeno years. Let’s hope Timo, if he’s in position to do so, shows up for the team photo.I’d like to see Mike Rabelo go yard. Today.I don’t think I’ve seen a major league game with as many key injuries as last night’s to Torii Hunter, Michael Cuddyer and Marcus Thames.Speaking of Cuddyer, he certainly doesn’t have quintessential clean-up hitter numbers: AVG .289 | HR 10 | RBI 56. I wonder why Justin Morneau doesn’t hit fourth…Timo looking too much like Craig Monroe.Uh-oh. Down a run. Better start hitting lest they want to face Joe Nathan.Good for Rabelo.Placido Polanco legs out a double. Guess his leg’s okay.Jeez, Sheff. You just cost the boys another run! > Bottom of the 7thHow big does that Sheffield blunder at second look now?Bonderman with his typical Metrodome implosion. Man, that’s getting old. > Top of 8thThey walk Curtis Granderson to face Polanco? Gutsy that Ron Gardenhire….freakin’ Neshek.> Bottom of 8thYou just knew that Morneau was overdue. Way overdue.Wow. Umpires always amaze me with their instant recall of the rule book.How in the world did they get out of that mess? Morneau will have to shoulder the blame for that one. > Top of 9thNo surprise Nathan is in this game. Gardenhire has to got to do whatever he can to prevent a Tigers sweep.Will the Tigers continue with Zach Miner in the bottom half or will they bring in Jose Capellan? Is it just me or is Capellan persona non grata in the Tigers’ bully?Think the Twins are eager to see Magglio Ordonez leave town?Sigh. > Bottom of 9thWhat can you say about that Zach Miner? > Top of 10thWho says the American League can’t play small-ball? Good for Brandon Inge. I think Nathan is the toughest closer out there so it’s about time the Tigers made some noise against him. Now, about that insurance run… Bottom of 10thHere comes that Todd Jones queasiness.Hey, Jones’s ERA is under five. When did that happen?Double pl— … d’oh!Nice and tidy by Todd Jones standards.Now I can eat lunch!