Monday Mankowskis: Are the Tigers the 2007 Padres?

We survived Stormageddon in Arizona and are delighting in the prospect of Cactus League games in five weeks. In the meantime …

  • I was looking at my notebook of random Tigers thoughts and here’s one leftover from the fall. The 2007 Padres lost a Game 163 and began a downward spiral that’s still in motion, more or less. Are the ‘09 Tigers following a similar path? What might the Padres look like if they had beaten the Rockies — and has Matt Holliday yet touched home plate? How would the 2010 Tigers look had they beaten the Twins in Game 163?

    My initial thoughts on the subject led me to believe the Tigers’ competitive window was just about shut and locked. Now, I’m not so sure. A month after the Curtis Granderson trade, I’m more confident that the Tigers are on footing that’s much more solid than the Padres of recent years. What do you think?

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Friday Freehans

Catcher.jpgWell, so much for Matt Holliday joining the Tigers. I’m sure Carlos Guillen will be a suitable Plan B.

  • Jeremy Bonderman to the bullpen, eh? Whatever works.

  • I’ve decided to go old school today and listen to the Tigers on rather than watch on DirecTV. Call it The Guillen Factor. I can’t stand to see Ozzie again and can’t bear to watch Carlos’s return without wincing on every cut.

  • In case you hadn’t heard, From noon to 8 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday, the Tigers will host a “Going, Going, GREEN!” Trade Show outside Comerica Park. According to the Tigers’ press release, the event:

    “…is designed for Tigers fans and the public to learn more about green initiatives while viewing products and services related to environmental causes and practices of green businesses.”

    Yes, I’m a skeptic, but isn’t the industrial Midwest the least green-thinking region in the U.S.? Okay, maybe Houston then the Midwest…

  • On this date in 2001, five-tool phenom/bust Juan Encarnacion, hit a home run off Ramiro Mendoza, that landed in the second row of the empty blue bleacher seats in left centerfield at Yankee Stadium. According to, it’s believed to be the first ball hit into that area since The Stadium was remodeled in 1976.

Finally, if you need more proof that we’re not getting younger: 26 years ago today was the George Brett Pine Tar Game at Yankee Stadium. Awesome.

Wednesday Walewanders

spaghetti.jpgIn our recent Fungo Pulse Check, readers said — barely — that they prefer the Tigers go after Toronto’s Roy Halladay (38 percent, 10 votes) over Oakland slugger Matt Holliday (27 percent, 7 votes).

Interestingly enough, almost as many votes came in for “Neither” (35 percent, 9 votes) as votes for Halladay. Personally, I’d like to see Rockies’ rightfielder Brad Hawpe in a Tigers uniform but with the Rockies hanging around the N.L. Wild Card race he’s going nowhere.

The Tigers should go after the A’s Holliday but only if they can sign him to a reasonable extension — if for no other reason than to see what a “reasonable extension” looks like from the Tigers.

In other news…

  • With Joel Zumaya back on the shelf, don’t the Tigers have to at least consider making him a starter? If we’ve learned nothing else, we now see that he’s not built for the late-innings role but might excel in the rotation — think “marathon versus sprint.” Also, if the Tigers have a young Ryan Perry waiting in the wings, why not try to extend Zumaya’s career? What do you think? Take our latest poll –>

  • Great to see Magglio Ordonez go yard with a grand slam last night. Still, it was an off-speed pitch. No chance he gets around on a Joe Nathan fastball, though.

  • A report here in the Arizona Republic says the preliminary Interleague schedule for next season has the Diamondbacks visiting the Tigers. Enough with the Interleague already.

  • On this date in 2005 the Tigers acquired infielder John McDonald for a player to be named later. If you recall, that player was John McDonald.

Finally, in case you were wondering, 25 years ago the Tigers were 66-29 and had a nine-game lead over Toronto in the American League East. On July 22, 1984, the Tigers beat the Rangers 2-0 at Tiger Stadium behind Dan Petry‘s 8-2/3 innings of four-hit ball. Sparky lifted him with two outs in the ninth with lefty Pete O’Brien coming to the plate with the tying run on base. Willie Hernandez came in and got O’Brien to pop out on the first pitch. (And the game lasted only two hours, 11 minutes. Imagine.)