Patrick Leyland Learning His Trade

If you’ve been wondering how the Tigers’ eighth-round pick in 2010, Patrick Leyland, has been progressing here’s an update from The Norwich Bulletin:

The consensus between Connecticut manager Andrew Graham and Detroit’s roving catching coordinator, Joe Depastino, is that Leyland is blessed with a wealth of talent. Because the 6-foot-2, 200-pound catcher didn’t see as many games playing high school ball as players from warmer climates, Leyland needs to get used to playing every day.

The things Leyland does behind that plate that will likely determine how far he goes.

“He’s a little raw and it all starts with his set-up,” Depastino said. “He’s got a good arm, blocking — everything is good. Right now he’s working on his set-up a little bit more. If he gets that good set-up and good base, which he’s been working on in the last few days, that’s going to help.”

He’s played only four games this season due to a calf injury.

Leyland’s teammates include Colin Kaline and Bo McClendon.

If you’re looking at the team’s website, check out the old English C on the lids. Not pretty.

Monday Mankowskis: Inge and Peralta More Alike Than You Think

No Tigers baseball for a week, how are you managing? Here in Phoenix we’re prepping for another season of Arizona Fall League action. (More on that later.)

In the meantime, here are some odds and ends from the last week:

  • If you’re still coming to grips with the notion of Brandon Inge and Jhonny Peralta manning the left side of the Tigers’ infield next season, here’s something I noticed that will either make you feel better or worse – and nowhere in between.

    Based on this year’s stats, it appears that Inge and Peralta are practically twins:

    2010 Stats Inge Peralta
    Games 144 148
    At bats 514 551
    Hits 127 137
    Home Runs 13 15
    RBI 70 81
    Average .247 .249
    On-base Percentage .321 .311
    Slugging Percentage .397 .392
    OPS .718 .703

    Of Peralta, Tigers GM Dave Dombrowski last Sunday said: “We don’t know what we will do with his ($7.25 million) option, but would like him back next year as our shortstop.”

    I’m like many Tigers fans: skeptical, at best, about Peralta as a full-time shortstop. True, he’ll bring more pop to the position than either Danny Worth or Ramon Santiago. But that’s not saying much, is it? As for his defense, the 2010 edition of Baseball Prospectus described Peralta as “increasingly immobile.”

    Gee, if we wanted an immobile shortstop, why not give the job back to Carlos Guillen?


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