The Detroit Tigers Podcast #38: Talking Tigers with Rob Neyer

download The Detroit Tigers Podcast Welcome to The Detroit Tigers Podcast, the podcast for Tigers fans, by Tigers fans. This is Episode #38, a 54-minute podcast about the Detroit Tigers recorded live from Portland, Ore.neyer_rob_m.jpgIn this episode we’re joined by Rob Neyer of, and the author of five books, including “The Neyer/James Guide to Pitchers” (with Bill James) and “Rob Neyer’s Big Book of Baseball Blunders.”We discuss the blockbuster trade between the Tigers and the Marlins, the Tigers other off-season moves and the Hall of Fame prospects of former Tigers greats.—> Download the audio file or grab the RSS feed here.Comments? Leave a message on the listener line, (480) 383-6350, or leave a comment here!Talk to you next time…on The Detroit Tigers Podcast. Also, be sure to check out The Daily Fungo, my Tigers blog, for more conversations about the team. To stay current with the blog, use this RSS feed.The Detroit Tigers Podcast is not affiliated in any way with the Detroit Tigers Baseball Club or Major League Baseball.

The Non-Sequiturs: Holiday Edition

Let’s get right to the question of the day: You did send along birthday wishes today to Nook Logan, right? Tsk, tsk.


  • The Twins are quite a busy bunch this week with the Johan Santana discussions and the three-for-three trade with the Devil Rays. I read in the New York Daily News on Tuesday that the Detroit Tigers are a part of the Santana talks but, at best, on the extreme periphery.

    The Red Sox, Dodgers, Angels, Mets and Tigers are believed to be interested, though the Twins appear unwilling to deal Santana within the AL Central, likely taking the Tigers out of the equation.

    I can’t even begin to imagine him at the top of the Tigers rotation. You?

  • Unlike yours truly,’s Rob Neyer doesn’t believe Jack Morris is worthy of a spot in Cooperstown.

    I’ve made my feelings pretty clear over the years: if I were enfranchised [as a Hall of Fame voter], I would vote for Tim Raines, Bert Blyleven, Goose Gossage and Alan Trammell. Jim Rice is borderline; Jack Morris is not.

    To my chagrin, Neyer points to an article that offers a solid argument for why The Cat is not Hall of Fame material. Sigh. I’ve got more to say on this topic — and will soon.

  • On this date in 1967 (when Doug Hill was not yet six months old), the Tigers acquired RHP Dennis Ribant from the Pirates for RHP Dave Wickersham.Ribant, a Detroit native, appeared in 14 games (all in relief) during the 1968 season posting a 2-2 record, 1 save and 2.22 ERA. In 13 months, he was involved in four transactions — all involving the Tigers. Here are the other three:

    July 26, 1968: Traded by the Detroit Tigers to the Chicago White Sox for Don McMahon.October, 1968: Purchased by the Detroit Tigers from the Chicago White Sox.December 15, 1968: Purchased by the Kansas City Royals from the Detroit Tigers.

    As for Wickersham, his best year in the majors was with Detroit in 1964 winning 19 and losing 12 with a 3.44 ERA. He appeared in 40 games, started 36, pitched 254 innings, and tossed 11 complete games…and had one save.The next year he came back to earth with a 9-14 record but with a respectable 3.78 ERA.Who knew?

Finally, speaking of birthdays, Tony Giarrantano turns 25 on Thursday. Pudge Rodriguez has a birthday on Friday. How old? If you add the number of base on balls Pudge earned in 2006 and 2007 then add one, you’ll have your answer. 

Super Sunday Breakfast Buffet

Have you noticed that a lot of ads that refer to the Super Bowl don’t use the words “Super Bowl”? Instead it’s “the big game.” I noticed the same thing for the BCS Championship game. Are we to infer that the NFL doesn’t allow Super Bowl non-sponsors (nonsors?) or advertisers to actually use the words? Pathetic!Let the record show that The Daily Fungo is not an official sponsor or advertiser of the Super Bowl but is not afraid to write it in this space.Now, on to baseball.I’m not a numbers guy. And even though I’d like to be when it comes to Sabermetrics, the reality is I know my strengths and messing with the numbers isn’t mine. Instead, I leave it in the capable hands of Lee and Bill.But I know that I should know at least some of the popular Baseball Prospectus-type accounting terms and what they mean. Take for example, Value Over Replacement Player or VORP. Just when I think I understand it, I don’t. Here’s a great piece by ESPN’s Rob Neyer about VORP and how it’s becoming the new OPS.My subscription to The Sporting News will, mercifully, expire next month and try as I might they won’t cancel it. So, I try to find at least one piece of interesting information in each issue (which is becoming increasingly difficult if not downright impossible).In this week’s issue they’re reporting that Tigers hitting coach Lloyd McClendon is working with Curtis Granderson to cut down on his Ks. Apparently McClendon is having Grandy move up in the box when he’s deep in the count.In a lame attempt to be cute, TSN asks some rhetorical “what will be greater?” questions. Here’s one: Which will be greater, the number of errors Tigers pitchers will make in 2007 or errors Tigers pitchers made in the 2006 World Series.Ha ha.Hey, how do you like the new Daily Fungo logo? Thanks to Bret Ward for doing a bang-up job on it and the other versions of the brand. Yes, I said brand.I’ll be chatting with Ian Casselberry for the next episode of the podcast. And, if that weren’t enough, I have two more Baseball Insider shows in the works for this week. So watch for new episodes soon.Enjoy your Sunday.

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