Tiger Stadium Seats, Continued

On Oct. 17 of last year I wrote about the arrival of my Tiger Stadium seats. Since then we’ve received almost three dozen comments from Tigers fans in the Detroit area and beyond in which they talk about everything from the condition of the seats when they arrived (almost universally dirty) to finding blue paint for touch ups to where the owner will place the seats.

If you’ve received your seats and have questions about anything from paint to brackets, visit the post here and browse the comments.

Breaking News: My Tiger Stadium Seats Arrived

I haven’t been able to un-box them, but my Tiger Stadium seats arrived today. If you’ve ever wondered how much two molded plastic stadium seats weigh, I can tell you: 90 lbs. At least that’s UPS’s estimate.

I’ll upload some photos soon but in the meantime, here’s some quick info on them:

  • Filthy. A good hose-down and a sponge bath should get them sparkling new. Well, you know what I mean.
  • Blue. I held out hope that orange seats would arrive but the more I thought about it, I rarely sat in the orange seats, so these will do just fine.
  • Damaged. Not much, but the rivets on the left seat have popped off, presumably in shipping. They look simple enough to repair.
  • 10 and 11. Those are the seat numbers. Man, do I wish I knew what section, row, etc., these seats came from.

I helped the UPS driver lift them off the truck. He was intrigued when I told him what was in the case. Of course, he wanted to see them. He thought it was neat but didn’t gush.

Perhaps he’s a bruised Diamondbacks fan.

Now, where to put these things…