All-time Tigers All-Stars

Cruising through Baseball-Reference’s All-Star section I was able to find a list of every Tigers player named to the American League squad.

Here are a few of the more interesting (i.e., surprising or forgotten) players on the list:

Brad Ausmus, 1999. He batted .275 that year.

Tony Clark, 2001. A solid year for Tony in ’01.

Robert Fick, 2002. Good lord, those were some dark days.

Prince Fielder, 2012, ’13. Seems about right.

Edwin Jackson, 2009. Other than his loss to the White Sox in Game 161, I have almost no recollection of Jackson’s time in Detroit.

Todd Jones, 2000. I guess.

Ron LeFlore, 1976. I’m surprised to see that LeFlore was named to only one All-Star team.

Matt Nokes, 1987. I’d forgotten Nokes was an All-Star but he certainly earned it with a great first half. He almost made us forget Lance Parrish. Almost.

Don Wert, 1968. This one I don’t get, for two reasons: The first is that Wert finished the season batting .200, so I don’t know what he was producing in July. The second is I don’t have any context for All-Star roster construction back then. I was born within three weeks of the game.