The Famous Final Scene?

With a nod to Bob Seger, I present what might be the final in-season installment of the Non Sequiturs. Bundle up and dig in:

  • My 5 a.m. CT wake-up call this morning (that’s 3 a.m. Arizona time) came far too early. As a result, I’m dragging. Maybe this is why I’m not nervous about tonight’s game. I’ve got no energy to give nervousness; I’m reserving it for more vital functions: breathing, blinking, standing upright.
  • You may recall that I led off the pre-Game 1 episode of the podcast with some tentativeness about the World Series. I’m not proud of it, but the truth is I could end up being right. And that’s flat out wrong.
  • Speaking of the podcast, I posted a mini episode after last night’s debacle.
  • Justin Verlander is our Game 5 starter. Bully, I say. Does he deserve to start ahead of Kenny Rogers? Probably not. But I’m not about to doubt anything Jim Leyland does — even in these dire straits. No way. His first two postseason starts — not bad ones, you might recall — took place on the road, I’m eager to see how he performs on the home field in the biggest series of all.
  • Nate Robertson‘s listed as the Game 7 starter. Should it get to that point, I’d love to see him pitch a gem and let everyone see how solid a pitcher he is. At the very least, the Tigers would conceivably have every pitcher on the staff available to pitch. I know, one game at a time. Speaking of Nate, read his take on last night’s bummer.
  • Major League Baseball, by all accounts, has the best Web site and interactive offerings of any of the pro sports leagues. What’s missing is an MLB network ala the NFL Network.
  • Don’t look now, but Jim Price has jumped on the blog bandwagon. His first post appeared last Saturday, ahead of Game 1.
  • A semi-rhetorical question: Can anyone refer to a three games to one lead without calling it “commanding”?
  • We’ll be chatting again during the game tonight here at The Daily Fungo. If you’re in the cyberhood, drop on by.

My final pre-game thought: The Tigers cannot let Jeff Weaver have a hand in their demise. Verlander wins tonight.

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