Tigers Land Sheff. Where Does He Play?

The Tigers offseason improvement program began in earnest today. They acquired Gary Sheffield from the Yankees for Humberto Sanchez and minor-league pitchers Kevin Whelan and Anthony Claggett. (Hat tip to Josh Wallen.)

Now, where do they plan on playing him? Left field? Third? Let’s hope it’s not first base.

This is a huge first step. What’s next?

One thought on “Tigers Land Sheff. Where Does He Play?

  1. Mr. Mike McClary,
    A very nice power move for the Tigers.
    Did you listen yet to the conference call posted on mlb.com?
    The Skipper said he saw Sheffield more as a full-time DH with spot starts in right and left to give Monroe and Maggs days off.
    Phil Rogers in the Chicago Tribune says that this move leaves Monroe as the odd man out.
    I think its Marcus that becomes the man on the outside.
    If the Tigers decide to make Monroe part of a move for a first baseman, does that mean Marcus becomes the starting left fielder?
    Just my uneducated observations.

    Dan in Ypsilanti.


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