Follow-up Memo to Santa: No Trades Involving Mike Maroth

If you haven’t noticed, sometimes I let my heart rule when my head should take the lead. At least I’m honest about it.

Today’s wish list is another one-item-only ditty: Don’t trade Mike Maroth.

Both Detroit papers today feature stories in which Dave Dombrowski talks about how much the Tigers like Maroth and, if healthy, he’s the fifth starter.

True, Double-D admits that his ears are always open but I’ve got a sense that it will take (in the words of George Kell) a whale of a deal to move the face of that 2003 team. Read: “Take Monroe and Maroth and then we’ll start talking.”

This is where the heart/head debate begins.

My heart says: Maroth has endured the lowest of the low in Detroit baseball history. Now that the team is a bona fide contender, let him enjoy the spoils! (Yes, I may have been the only one in Detroit who felt bad that John Wockenfuss couldn’t revel in the 1984 season.)

My head responds: He’s a major-league arm. If he gets us a left-handed bat with some punch, so be it. Make the deal.

I’m still holding out hope for a miracle blockbuster that brings Todd Helton to Detroit.

What do you think?

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