Tigers Fans’ Search for Tickets Among Google’s Top 10 for 2006

This morning I started to read a fascinating book about Google and Internet search, titled The Search: How Google and Its Rivals Rewrote the Rules of Business and Transformed Our Culture. Does that make me a geek? Sure it does. But it’s more of a business book than a technology book. If you’re wondering about a Detroit Tigers connection, stick with me.

Nevertheless, I’d never heard of Google Zeitgeist until today. If, as I was, you’re unfamiliar with Zeitgeist, it’s a place within Googledom that displays the top 10 searches in a few categories (What’s Hot, Current Events, Milestones, Entertainment, and Sports) over the course of a week. This week Google is showing us what the top 10 searches were in these categories for 2006.

In the Entertainment category, the numbers eight and nine searches of 2006 were:

#8 Tiger tickets
#9 Tigers tickets

And in another nod to Detroit, Bob Seger tickets came in at number four.

The skeptics among you may say that those searches could have been for Louisiana State football tickets or some other team.

I, of course, take the completely biased view that these searches represent Detroit Tigers fans, desperate to find a ticket.

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One thought on “Tigers Fans’ Search for Tickets Among Google’s Top 10 for 2006

  1. Dig the new digs, Mike. I updated your link. I guess we’re all getting makeovers of some sort to pass the time!

    And judging by the amount of the offer I received to run a tickets advertisement, I think there is definitely something to that “tigers tickets” ranking.


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