Terrific Lary Sorensen Feature in The News

I always liked Lary Sorensen as a broadcaster and particularly as a Tigers analyst. To say that he fell on hard times is the understatement of…well, the day.

Read Lynn Henning’s feature on Sorensen’s journey from the bigs to the bottle to the clink.

The one thing that I can’t picture from the article is the McDonald’s at 11 Mile and Gratiot. Is there one there now? I can only picture the White Castle and, cater corner, the Coney place.

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3 thoughts on “Terrific Lary Sorensen Feature in The News

  1. An excellent story indeed. I too always enjoyed Sorensen’s work.

    The McDonald’s in question is actually part of the BP (formerly Mobil I believe) gas station on the SW corner of 11 Mile and Gratiot.


  2. That was a pretty sobering (no pun intended) story. What a precipitous fall from grace.

    I met Sorenson once, and he was kind of a jerk, but to mention it now seems like kicking a man when he’s down. But I’ve always enjoyed his radio work, whether it was on WDFN or WJR. I certainly hope the man gets his life back together.


  3. I heard that former MLB pitcher and sportcaster Lary Sorensen moved to the Chandler, Arizona area and died in 2010 from alcohol poisoning, can anyone confirm this?


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