A Random Sampling of Half-Baked Thoughts to Start Your Day

It’s night-night time here in Arizona but I have a few Tigers-related thoughts rattling around inside my noggin this evening (actually morning). Here goes:

  • Working from home has its advantages. Take, for example, the ability to watch an afternoon Spring Training game on ESPN. I only saw a couple of hitters before I had to scoot out the door for a meeting (the only time all week I have to leave the friendly confines of McClary & Co., Inc.‘s World HQ, wouldn’t you know it). Gary Sheffield wearing #3 looked strange, I’ll admit. Not as weird as his beardlette.
  • Regular readers know I’m no fan of The Sporting News (for proof, see the countdown timer in the left sidebar –>). Still, I can occasionally extract a bit of info that I might not have uncovered elsewhere. Most of the time it’s nothing important, just stuff to file under “Nice to Know.” To wit: A veteran scout says Justin Verlander throws the best heater in the bigs:

    The pitch comes alive late and seems to jump on the hitter, His effortless arm action and delivery make it appear even faster than its 98-mph clocking

    Another TSN nugget: 233. That’s the number of pitches over 100 m.p.h. that Joel Zumaya fired in 2006. According to Baseball Info Solutions, that’s the most in a season since 2002 (when they started tracking it).

  • Last one: TSN rated four current MLB players who are likely big-league managers and four who likely won’t be a skipper. The Tigers have one on each list: Carlos Guillen on the “probably list” (TSN says he already has Jim Leyland‘s endorsement) and Sheffield on the “probably not” list.
  • The most intriguing Tigers player to yours truly — in an otherwise un-intriguing Spring Training — is Kyle Sleeth. Wouldn’t it be something if this kid pulls it together and then you’ve got him in the mix for the rotation in the near future. If only he were left handed.

Finally, I’ve got tickets to four Cactus League games in the next three weeks. My first game is tonight at the Peoria Sports Complex where I’ll watch the new-look Diamondbacks take on the Padres.

Speaking of the D’backs, I’ve started a Diamondbacks-focused blog, SnakeBytes, over at MLBlogs. I just started it on Sunday so it needs some work. Check it out at www.snake-bytes.com.

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