Breaking News: My Tiger Stadium Seats Arrived

I haven’t been able to un-box them, but my Tiger Stadium seats arrived today. If you’ve ever wondered how much two molded plastic stadium seats weigh, I can tell you: 90 lbs. At least that’s UPS’s estimate.

I’ll upload some photos soon but in the meantime, here’s some quick info on them:

  • Filthy. A good hose-down and a sponge bath should get them sparkling new. Well, you know what I mean.
  • Blue. I held out hope that orange seats would arrive but the more I thought about it, I rarely sat in the orange seats, so these will do just fine.
  • Damaged. Not much, but the rivets on the left seat have popped off, presumably in shipping. They look simple enough to repair.
  • 10 and 11. Those are the seat numbers. Man, do I wish I knew what section, row, etc., these seats came from.

I helped the UPS driver lift them off the truck. He was intrigued when I told him what was in the case. Of course, he wanted to see them. He thought it was neat but didn’t gush.

Perhaps he’s a bruised Diamondbacks fan.

Now, where to put these things…

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84 thoughts on “Breaking News: My Tiger Stadium Seats Arrived”

  1. Does anyone know where you can get other stadium memorabilia? I have the seats and am currently finishing my basement with a very special place for them. I was hoping to get a section sign and possibly a restroom sign. Any ideas would be very helpful. You can email me directly at



  2. I decided to paint mine. I think they look pretty cool. What do you think?

    July 3, 2008 004

    I didn’t really care about the “antique value” since I plan on keeping them forever.


  3. I just bought some spray paint at lowes. Make sure that you get the kind that binds with plastic. I picked up some vynal lettering for the D. I know that the seats never looked like that originally but I think they look pretty cool.


  4. Hi, Looking to purchase a pair of seats. I grew up with the tigers and my foundest memories are of tiger stadium. Just found out they were tearing the stadium down. Tried to get some seats but there sold out. Anyways I live in LA if anyone has a pair of seats for sale please email me @


  5. How come when you look at the pictures of Tiger Stadium during the demolition it looks like there are plenty of seats still left in the upper deck that are just getting trashed? Are these available?


  6. I am just starting to restore my seats. There is a light green paint on the plastic. It looks like an overspray from some other paint job at the stadium. Does anyone have any ideas on how to remove this paint from the seats?
    Thanks, Mike – Port Huron


    1. Its left over from a movie set about the NY Yanks that was filmed in Tiger Stadium after it was abandoned. It kinda secures the value IMO since most of these seats look the same ( Silverdome seats look exactly the same so do other stadium seats)


  7. I really, really want a pair of these seats (or just 1) from Tiger Stadium. I can find ones on Ebay from Navin Field, but I am too young to *care* (have emotional ties) to Navin Field, but I grew up on Michigan and Trumbull. So if you have seats for sale or know where to get one, please email me at


  8. My fiance grew up going to Tiger Stadium with his grandpa. He is dying to get ahold of some seats. We missed the auction some how. If anyone is willing to part with a pair of orange seats let me know!!! It will make a great wedding day gift!!!

    P.S. We went by Tiger Stadium last week. It’s sad to see. The entire outfield wall is down now. 😦


  9. You can use a product named Goof Off to get the green paint off the seats. The stuff is potent and stinks so don’t use it inside.

    The seats were manufactured by American Seating. Replacements for the nuts and bolts can be had at any good hardware store.


  10. The seating manufacturer is American Seating Company. They are in Grand Rapids, MI. They still have parts for these seats for special order. You can get number plates from Detroit Name Plate Company.


  11. I have 2 sets of 3 attached seats I may want to sell if the price is right. They are green painted wood with cast iron frames(very heavy) from prior to plastic seats being installed. Very good condition! Stenciled seat #’s still very prominent.(14-15-16,18-19-20).Almost no rust on cast iron. Frames would have to be made to make them upright.


  12. If anyone knows any info about getting a replacement number plate, please let me know.

    I’ve decided to paint my seats. Too much of the green paint from Billy Crystal’s *61 is on the sides. Looks unbalanced. Wish I could go into his holy grail Yankee stadium and screw with the things he loved like that.


  13. Before you decide to re-paint, definitely consider using Goof-Off on an old t-shirt rag to remove the *61 paint. I finally got around to doing a partial restore of my seats (beyond the good scrub down I gave them when they arrived 2 years ago) and am amazed at how good of a job the Goof-Off did in removing the movie paint. I was concerned it would eat up the plastic, but it didn’t at all. On the metal parts, I had to be a bit more careful not to rub too hard and remove the blue paint, but it was really easy. Replaced the hardware with stainless all around and these babies are looking almost better than they did new back in ’77!


  14. We have a set of 3 blue plastic seats in great condition. I’m looking for information: in what years were these used? Likely section of the stadium? The legs bolt directly into the floor and do not have the 90 degree metal brace on them.


  15. I own a pair of seats from Soldier Field in Chicago and am looking to clean them up. I need to remove the seats and seat backs from the frame to clean off the rust. Some of the bolts are not coming off and I need to find a square bit of some sort to hold the bolt in place while I remove the nut. I went to Home Depot and they didn’t have anything large enough. Any ideas on where I could find the correct size for the bolts?


  16. I landed some orange and blue seats a couple of years ago, but never got my hands on any brackets. Does anyone know where I can find some, or does anyone have extras available?


  17. …by the way, allow me to clarify. All I have are the seat bottoms and backs, and the rivets. I am missing all parts needed for mounting the seats, including the end pieces, and the previously mentioned brackets.


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