Happy Birthday, Lerrin LaGrow

The righty from Phoenix posted a record of 8-19 for the awful 1974 Tigers. But let’s step back and look at his totals:

  • 1970: 0-1, 7.03 ERA in 12 innings pitched
  • 1972: 0-1, 1.32 in 27 IP
  • 1973: 1-5, 4.33 in 54 IP
  • 1974: 8-19, 4.66 in 216 IP
  • 1975: 7-14, 4.38 in 164 IP

The Cardinals purchased his contract from the Tigers on April 2, 1976, which means poor Lerrin didn’t even get to enjoy the Mark Fidrych Era. But, by leaving Detroit when he did, his number 30 became available for Jason Thompson.

Happy 60th, Mr. LaGrow. (Click here to see what he’s up to now.)

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