2009 Player Profile: Jeremy Bonderman

Jeremy Bonderman #38

  • Height: 6′ 2″ | Weight: 220
  • 2008 Stats: 3-4, 4.29 ERA

It seems that every season baseball experts predict that it will be the year that Jeremy Bonderman finally emerges as an ace, discovers an effective third pitch, and challenges for the Cy Young Award.BondermanHead.jpg The 2008 season was no different but the lofty expectations quickly evaporated. Bonderman didn’t pitch after June 1 and had surgery in July to correct a pinched vein that returns blood from the arm to the heart. The good news is that Bonderman’s surgery was successful and he’s on track to return in 2009.

So, while the 26-year-old grapples with the nuances of an off-speed pitch, expect him to focus on what works: a nasty slider as his primary out pitch. In his 12 starts last season, Bonderman went to the slider more than half the time with two strikes – in contrast, he threw the changeup just 1% of the time in similar situations.

Coming off an arm injury, Bonderman may see expectations lowered for a change. But perhaps that’s just what he’ll need to flourish at last.

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