One thought on “YouTube Clip: Mark Fidrych on “Once A Star”, circa 1985

  1. This is sad. I honestly think Mark had the greatest personality of any Tiger ever, even Kaline or anybody.WHAT IF? I wish he made a comeback, or at least attempted to.I just watched the game he pitched against the Yanks in 76 after I returned from SF on Sat. After watching that game I was amazed-the crowd went wild. I wish I was around to see that but Im glad I got to see that game before he passed away-it makes it a lot more saddening.The media or family wont say how he died exactly-I wonder if he got crushed underneath the dump truck.I hope he didnt feel much pain if he did. He was a one hit wonder, but the best one hit wonder in all of baseball history. I hope Zumaya doesn’t turn out to be a one hit wonder too. This makes me wanna cry and I never even knew the guy.


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