1984 Meets 2009

Old-TV.jpgMy brother and I attended the 1984 ALCS Game 3 Clincher versus the Royals at Tiger Stadium (seated in straightaway centerfield in the lower-deck bleachers) but this was before we had a VCR (remember those?) and I never got to see it replayed.

Twenty-five years later, it’s iTunes to the rescue.

I stumbled on the game as a download from the iTunes Store for a mere $1.99. (!)

You’ll find a boatload of games available for that price in the “Baseball’s Best” section. If you’re going to buy the ’84 game, scroll to Item #87. For whatever reason, the games are not in chronological order.

Do yourself a favor and buy it if only to enjoy Al Michaels‘ afro and the beauty of Howard Cosell interviewing Willie Wilson about his drug-related suspension that included early parts of the ’84 season.

One technical note: You don’t need an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPod with video to view the game; you can watch the game on your computer in iTunes.

2 thoughts on “1984 Meets 2009

  1. This is an outstanding find! I had no idea these babies existed.

    My first download will be the 5/17/79 Cobs-Phillies slugfest at Wrigley. A 45-run, 10-inning affair. I remember watching parts of that game after school on WGN in the early days of cable TV in my house. At 3:45 it should could take the edge off a trans-continental flight!


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